History’s Most Qualified Candidate couldn’t be bothered to read the second page of a two-page letter. That was Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s laughably lame excuse for the lie Hillary perpetrated in claiming that FBI Director Comey had only sent his recent letter to Republican members of Congress.

In fact, the second page of the letter clearly showed that all the ranking Dems on the various committees had been sent the letter. Mook offered up his feeble fish story to Chris Wallace on today’s Fox News Sunday.

Mook also repeatedly dodged Wallace’s question as to whether Hillary has asked Huma what was in the emails on the laptop Abedin shared with husband Anthony Weiner.

Note: at the end of the exchange, Mook says “if your question is whether Democratic leaders were cced on that letter, the answer is absolutely yes.” But that wasn’t Wallace’s question at all. He wanted to know why, six hours after the letter was issued, Hillary was still lying about Comey not having sent it to Dems. And all Mook could come up with was the pitiful notion that Hillary hadn’t bothered to read the second page. Why not admit the truth, Robby? Lying—it’s what Hillary Clinton does.

CHRIS WALLACE: Robby, I want to move on and I want to ask you about Secretary Clinton’s reaction. Here’s part of what she said on Friday night.

HILLARY CLINTON: If they’re going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to Republican members of the House that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the American people.

WALLACE: Robby, why would she say something that is so flatly untrue? I have a copy here — it’s not very long. It’s the letter that Comey sent to Congress. On the front page, it’s got the eight Republican chairmen of the committees. If you just turn it over, you have the eight top Democrats on the committee. Why would she say that it was just sent to the Republicans when in fact it was sent to the Republicans and Democrats?

ROBBY MOOK: You know, Chris, this has been really overhyped.

WALLACE: Well, she said it, I didn’t.

MOOK: We were all surprised by this letter. She looked at the front page, and as you just said yourself, on the front page of that memo it lists those Republican chairs. Were the Democrats cced at the end of the letter? Absolutely. She looked at the front page of the letter.

She has acknowledged, we all acknowledge this was sent to everybody. Again, what we’re concerned and disturbed by is that Director Comey sent a letter saying we have some information, I don’t know if it’s significant, I don’t know if it isn’t, he didn’t say where it came from, he didn’t say what it was about. He didn’t even say whether these emails were sent or received by Hillary Clinton. And furthermore, another hypothetical that’s out there is these are duplicates that have already been released. We need all the information, and Director Comey needs to get it out fast.

WALLACE: But Robby, I want to make one more point about this letter. You say it’s hype. Comey sent the letter about 1:00 P.M. Eastern time on Friday. Your campaign chairman, John Podesta, put out a statement at 3:45 P.M. In which he made exactly the same charge that this letter had been sent just to the Republicans, not to the Democrats.

Three hours and 15 minutes later, Hillary Clinton makes the same charge. This was a talking point of your campaign and frankly it was a dishonest talking point.

MOOK: Chris, if your question is whether Democratic leaders were cced on that letter, the answer is absolutely yes.


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