From the Arkansas Governorship to the U.S. presidency to the State Department to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons corrupt every institution they touch.

That includes the current presidential election, with Bill Clinton meeting secretly (until caught) with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the FBI and DOJ were evaluating whether to prosecute Hillary. Bill didn’t need to say particular words to influence Lynch, the message was sent by the meeting. It tainted Lynch, DOJ, the FBI and the entire investigation.

Hillary was under investigation because she improperly set up a private server to handle her work email traffic, including classified information. This was done for the worst of reasons, to create a shadow electronic government completely under the control of Hillary and her team in order to shield her records of public service from public scrutiny.

All else flows from that, including putting Obama in a position of lying to the public about what he knew and when he knew it.

Allahpundit on Twitter nailed the problem. By nominating someone under FBI investigation, Democrats assured that the FBI would become political.

This is how the Clintons corrupt. They force others to cover for them to maintain Democrats in power, and thereby make those defenders complicit.

Comey was wrong not to recommend charges, but correct at least to update Congress that his prior representation that the investigation was completed no longer was true. To do otherwise would have made Comey complicit.

Had the FBI said nothing, the presumption would be that the case still was closed — a talking point for Hillary. So doing nothing to correct the record would have been just as political.

Democrats put the FBI in the untenable position of possibly deciding the election. That’s all on them.


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