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Hillary or Comey? Big Three Networks Twist Email Scandal Over Comey

Hillary or Comey? Big Three Networks Twist Email Scandal Over Comey


Hillary Clinton had the private email system. Hillary used her private email system to send and receive classified information. Hillary had the email server installed at her house. Yet the big three networks have attacked FBI Director James Comey over Hillary’s email scandal instead of the presidential candidate.

Media Research Center (MRC) analysts have found that CBS, ABC, and NBC have concentrated on Comey more than Hillary:

Beginning with the evening (October 28) of the announcement through Monday morning (October 31) MRC analysts reviewed reviewed all statements (by reporters, analysts, and partisans) that took a position on Comey and Clinton and found arguments against Comey (88) swamped those against Clinton (31) by a ratio of almost 3 to 1. There were a handful of statements that praised either Comey (10) or Clinton (4)

MRC analysts also discovered that the Big Three networks’ evening (ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News) and morning show programs (ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NBC’s Today) devoted a total of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 49 seconds to the Comey story.

On CBS This Morning, Gayle King criticized Comey while stating that other officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder (famous for Operation Fast & Furious gun running scandal that left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead), that Comey’s decision to reopen the case “has unintentionally hurt the public’s trust in the FBI.”

That’s odd. In July, Comey listed all the things that the agents found during their investigation of Hillary’s private email system, saying that she and her aides were extremely careless with classified information and that regular people would face punishment for these actions. Yet, back then he said despite all this evidence, he did not recommend the DOJ press charges against Hillary.

Um, that press conference hurt the public’s trust in the FBI.

Nothing on the fact that these emails, which obviously have some significance to the case, were just found. Nothing about how these emails somehow found their way onto devices that don’t belong to Hillary, but her aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner.


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It is un precedented that the FBI disclosed a confidential criminal investigation that might influence an election

It is also unprecedented that the a major political candidate is the subject of a criminal investigation.

What was Comney supposed to do – remain silent, then get fired after Hillary wins. The only avenue would be to impeach Hillary – but that would require 17-18 democrat senators that have integrity. Aint going to happen.

    Ragspierre in reply to Joe-dallas. | October 31, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    He did what the circumstances required, and regardless of the purity or evil of his motives.

    This stuff was coming out, and he did the right thing in putting it out via the channels that did the least damage.

    alaskabob in reply to Joe-dallas. | October 31, 2016 at 11:33 pm

    Casper Weinberger and Bush #1…. groundless charges dropped after election of Clinton but charged just days before election. True …. not directly targeting Bush…but effective.

Its the 1st Amendment that needs scrutiny, not the 2nd.

The MSM is so deep in the tank for Democrats that they should be subject to campaign finance laws.

But I can’t think of a way to bring them back to Principle that wouldn’t be abused by the Left in the future.

    It’s actually pretty easy: bankrupt them by boycotting their ‘news,’ their television ‘entertainment,’ their ‘movies’ etc.

    NFL fans are doing the same: finding something else to do than watch idiot football players trash our nation.

    It works.

Between The Hillary and a bunch of 27 year old English majors we now know how this country would be run under their leadership.

Like it?

Thought so.

I’m sure those intrepid newshounds figure there’s no way Comey’s going to be elected President after they’re done with him.

If you don’t want the FBI to intercede, don’t nominate someone who is being investigated by the FBI.

Seems likely that a nothing to see here folks interum report will be issued before the election. That, or Wikileaks blows it all up. Interesting times.

All the facts are against Hillary so all that the media can try to defend her with is to claim that those investigating and revealing the truth are somehow evil for investigating and revealing the truth

The Cough put out the word mid-afternoon on Friday, attack Comey. Her press minions immediately circled the wagons and plotted their attack. They began work 24 hours later, and look at the numbers the Professor is quoting above. Mission accomplished. One would think the media would be wary of listening to ANYthing she commands/demands right now, but one would be wrong.

ScottTheEngineer | October 31, 2016 at 9:33 pm

According to Bryan Suits, He interviewed a guy with the FBI in New York that said they found an email cache in a subdirectory on the computer labeled “Insurance”

    Please oh please oh please oh PLEASE be accurate….

    If that’s the case, it means that Carlos Danger over there KNEW that he might be the recipient of a short ride to a local park or nature preserve with a nice, shiny lead projectile at the end, and took reasonable steps for someone who is appropriately paranoid to document items that would otherwise be fatal to a Clinton candidacy.

    For those readers young enough not to know what I’m talking about, google “Vince Foster” and then read between the lines about he “suicide.” The initial investigation was VERY poorly performed, and later investigations built on most of the initial flaws. Read downplaying of the “conspiracy theories” with a grain of salt.

    If Anthony Weiner actually had this in an “insurance” file folder, it that’s the case, the 650,000 e-mails are going to have EVERYTHING (the deleted e-mails, ALL of the influence peddling, the illegal arms-deals, the refusals to beef up security in Benghazi, the attempts to circumvent classified intelligence requirements, all of it). Who knows. It might even have the Medical documents regarding Clinton in it with a diagnosis (I’m still betting on “Parkinson’s”).

I’m confused, last week the msm said Comey and the FBI were beyond reproach for not prosecuting Hillary even though a normal citizen would have been. Now Comey and the FBI are evil and trying to influence an election? So when he wasn’t going to prosecute Hillary even though he should have he wasn’t influencing the election but now he is?? Well it’s good to see all the press rally round Hillary to protect her from the evil FBI.


    Isn’t Democrat hypocrisy grand? Everybody screaming now needs to be confronted with their statements from a couple of months ago. They need to be queued up and ready to be replayed, and questioned “well, what changed, other than Mr. Comey came across additional evidence?”

    Watch them stammer.

    I still think Comey has damaged the reputation of the FBI for probably the next 20-30 years. They were JUST starting to get it back to a modicum of respect as an organization (throughout my teenage years, they were often referred to as the “Fumbling, Bumbling Idiots” for the number of scandals and botched investigations during the Bill Clinton administration, although their crime-labs had not improved).

The sleaze of the democrat media have been exposed like the Wizard of Oz. The country has caught on.

It is being reported that John Podesta’s best friend at the DOJ is now in charge of the HRC email review . Here comes another exoneration again.

Judicia lWatch: New State Department Documents Reveal More Clinton-Abedin Email Exchanges of Classified Information on Unsecure Server

Up to this point I’ve been anti-Hillary (rather than pro-Trump).

I want Trump to win for 3 reasons.

1- To save the Second Amendment.
2- To see MSM lose.
3- To watch Trump troll these sycophants every hour he’s in office.

4- To show the GOP what we mean when we say we want our leaders to fight for us.

I’m trying the remember the last time that really happened. Reagan is the only one who stands out. He put the left on defense, instead of reacting to attacks and then caving followed by Groveling Apology Tour IX