Or a Lance Armstrong Livestrong Team Radio Shack jersey.

I guess you didn’t get that directive from the Central Committee, Comrade.

From reader 9th District Neighbor:

Mild weather always brings out the men in tights who bicycle in large groups, usually in the middle of the road. This fellow was spotted in north suburban Chicago about two Saturdays ago. I tried several times to get a photograph, and finally snapped one as he approached a stop sign; I had hoped he would stop, but of course he just blew through. Street signs are so plebeian….

The irony of the tattoo in combination with his choice of spandex certainly was lost on him; at least the color of the shirt was correct. As I finally passed him, I saw that he was in his late 50s or early 60s. I suppose this is what happens to kids who wear Che Guevara tee shirts.

Thanks for doing such a great job. Your humble blog grows in influence every day.

And it won’t be on television either, so no need to dress up.