More from Sandy’s road trip:

We arrived an intermediate destination, Culver, Indiana, late Friday night. Culver is a small mid-west town in Marshall County, about 50 miles south of South Bend. It is perhaps best known for the Culver Academies, composed of the Culver Military Academy founded in 1894 and the Culver Girls Academy formed in 1971, whihc are located on the very scenic Lake Maxinkuckee.

Never having spent much time in the mid-west, coming to Culver when older daughter attended exposed us to the direct, plain-spoken nature and core integrity of these mid-west Americans. I do not know a lot about Indiana, politically they´ve got Mitch Daniels, which must be a mark of good decision-making. More recently, as you know, they turned out rino Sen Lugar for Mr Mourdock–which must be a very good thing, and reflective of the plain-spoken nature and core integrity of Hoosiers that I mentioned.

Short story: That plain-spokenness is also apparent in the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council in its joining the protest against a Florida-based company´s proposed wind farm. All around Lake Max there are signs against the wind farm: “Not Clean, Not Cheap, Not Green¨ This is a very good development.

Longer Story: The Florida energy company, NextEra includes FPL and wind-energy. NextEra has been pushing to develop a large wind farm near Culver. [see Marshall County-IN Wind Farm]

NextEra is apparently one of the companies which is/has benefited from Voldemorts spendthrift crony capitalism….

Yep, more of that smart government and green energy we´ve been hearing about. Apparently NextEra (and other such companies) are pushing hard to get these projects started before the end of the 2012 year, as that is when the Federal Govt wind tax credit will end.

Another great reason for ending Voldemortś Reign of Terror. Voldemort Delenda Est !

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