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A Turning Point in the Midterms Week at Legal Insurrection

A Turning Point in the Midterms Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The debate between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman felt like an important moment in this midterm cycle.

All the momentum is now on the side of Republicans.

Democrats are on defense in blue areas.

Even New York could go red.

Los Angeles too?

Joe Biden seems as lost as ever.

This was huge news.

The liberal media seems desperate.


Just unreal.


This was a little strange.

World news.

Hang in there.


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We already have a “Fetterman” as president.

BierceAmbrose | October 30, 2022 at 4:50 pm

I can’t find the link handy.

Funniest thing I saw on Lurch — meme: “Stop calling me that. Fetterman is the name of the doctor who created me.”

That’s funny, and only kinda mean. If you’re a human and a half tall, and look like you were pieced together, it’s hysterical.

/Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but…

Do I have sympathy for the guy who broke his brain: indeed, some. Do I have sympathy for his aspiring to an always-on, high-performance cognitive gig: a little. Maybe his judgment took a hit with the stroke. Do I think he has a right to that job, should get it, or can do it: not so much.

The point of “differently abled” isn’t “anybody can do anything, equally well”, or even at all. The point is letting people with limitations do what they can, despite the other thing.

I probably have it easy, getting that. I’ve always been a bit “differently abled.” Near-blind nearsightedness in an outdoor, and manual trade culture. I can’t see or play catch. Let me do what I can. A few near-mutant cognitive abilities, which it help to explain that way to folks inclined to put you in your place.

Do I have any tolerance at all for the people who want that Senate seat to control the legislative calendar, and impose their agenda? Who will hijack representation of the people this guy’s supposed to represent, to get the counting of one more head for Chuck-y? Who will prop him up n install him, because it’s better if he’s out of it — he’ll not have any inconvenient opinions of his own. (Where else is this playing out in our government, lately? One wonders.)

These “debates” aren’t debates. Nobody gets conditions and alternatives explored. They are, however, auditions. We get to see how the candidates will be in role. And this one showed us, not in the yakking on stage. The aphasia — I’ll take some aphasia wrapped around representing one’s state, and some activity elsewhere in the brain.

No, this one showed us. It didn’t work. “Release the flying monkeys!” Slime the opponent. Throw the folks providing assistive tech under the bus. Blame the venue: “Debates are mean.”

They — the chattering cabal, Screaming-D’s, oligarchs and apparatchiks — still don’t get it bout The Donald. People saw the auditions, and liked it. Had The Wad any interest in succeeding on purpose, they’d figure out why people voted for a Sketchy, Orange-Haired Vulgarian with no political or government background, over The Anointed, who’d been burnishing her ascent her whole life.

If it had no policy impact, I’d vote for Lurch just for the LOLz watching the party, media — but I repeat myself, and possessors of The Feelz, deal with having him in place. He’s willing to let himself be used, I don’t have much sympathy to his being used.

Since it has policy implications, no Addams Family Butler in the Senate, please. That his policy positions are yet worse, just makes it also specific to him. Not that guy. Because what impulses he can articulate are all wrong.