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‘The Bird is Freed’: Elon Musk Owns Twitter, Fires Executives, as the Left Acts Like the World is Ending

‘The Bird is Freed’: Elon Musk Owns Twitter, Fires Executives, as the Left Acts Like the World is Ending

“It’s like the gates of hell opened on this site tonight”

Elon Musk owns Twitter.

He supposedly already ousted CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and Head of Legal Policy, Trust Safety Vijaya Gadde

Conservatives celebrated. Liberals ranted.

I’m not excited about Musk taking over because he’s not a friend to conservatives or liberals. Just remember that. Despite what he says, Musk is in it for himself. He loves to make money, like everyone else, so don’t be shocked if he sells in a few years.

Be honest with yourselves. A lot won’t change. Musk also knows the chaos he brings and loves to do that. I’d probably do it, too, if I had that power.

Always be cautious. Many join a cause or side when it benefits them and their products or image. I have no ill will against Musk. He seems to be a cool guy. Just…don’t be shocked if suppression still happens and what not.

However, it’s fun to watch someone break the left and them thinking the world is ending. Let’s start with that amazing journalist Taylor Lorenz!

Good Lord. The gates of hell, you guys.


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“It’s a good night for blocking. And to all the foolish people l’m blocking, I hope you will realize in time (though I know you won’t) that @vijaya spent years protecting your 1st Amendment rights, and did more to protect your right to be
anonymous than almost anyone.”

Well this person certainly doesn’t know what the first amendment is really about!


    daniel_ream in reply to gonzotx. | October 28, 2022 at 10:17 am

    That’s okay, neither do most of the soi-disant conservatives who rant about social media.

    He also doesn’t know anything about “anonymous” it seems.

      Tiki in reply to GWB. | October 28, 2022 at 6:15 pm

      Who cares if Elon Musk is in it for the Money and Fame and Ego. Most professional athletes are of same type. Famous lawyers are incredibly arrogant, nasty people. Fabulously rich people are not generally well liked no matter the industry involved. Feared and loathed is more like it. I don’t need or want any of these people as friends. Our paths don’t cross. I’m not forced by circumstances to kiss up to these people to earn a living.

      Mary misses the point. The leadership at twitter were viewed as leaders of the Woke Red Guard. Musk unhorsed and rode over them roughshod. The leftists in power understand this. 2022 San Francisco is the American analog of 1967’s Shanghai Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The most violent red guard were in Shanghai. The rapine there was astounding. Now look at SF.

      Timing. All this prior to the presidential election.

      We’re witness to a full-fledged Eucatastrophy. .

    ConradCA in reply to gonzotx. | October 28, 2022 at 11:59 pm

    It should be easy to make twitter very profitable. They have 7,000 employees engaged in muzzling Republicans and stories the Democratic Party wants to suppress. Layoff these useless employees and Twitter will save $1 billion+ every year.

Some of us are happy dancing, at least for the moment. The buzz is that a certain ex president will return Monday,,, not naming names but think 45.

There are accounts which use twitter for their businesses. Conservative accounts suffered real monetary damages. So I hope this takeover helps them.
There is also a huge issue with fake accounts. That was a big sticking point when Elon first waded into this… Smart as he is, I am hoping he figures out some kind of resolution.

From Aceofspadeshq

Out immediately are hapless CEO Parag Agrawal, who made drugged-out hippie Jack Dorsey look like Steve Jobs by comparison; CFO Ned Segal, whose only talent appears to be losing billions of dollars; and vapidly vicious Chief Inquisitor Vijaya Gadde, whose appearance against Tim Pool on the Joe Rogan podcast showed that she is incapable of anything beyond repeating leftist talking points.

Not just fired, but escorted out of the building by security. (The Verge)

The entire Twitburo is in the process of being defenestrated

I too am not jumping up and down because he’s attached to the government, our government, at the hip, it’s where all his money comes from

And you know, follow the money

And of course I think it’s bad news for Truth Socioa , which is bad news for Trump

And Musk has said he would vote for DeSantis for President, one can imagine all the nefarious ways Musk could use his platform to hurt Trump

I’m a President Trump person , DeSantis is knee deep in the “Deep”

He’s been a great Governor, but as always , follow the money, follow his $200 million+
From major players

It’s not for Christmas and it is t given freely

This beginning list from conservative tree house

Ron DeSantis in 2024 is Jeb Bush + Ted Cruz in 2016.

Five Days in Bunker following Mar-a-Lago Raid 8/9/22
No expressed support for Donald Trump following Mar-a-Lago raid 8/9/22.
New brand image consulting team 8/14/22
New communications team 8/14/22
National advertising campaign
94% billionaire and corporate funding
Raised $200+ million for a state governor race?
Cancels Lee Zeldin fundraiser after meeting with New York real estate donor who supports Hochul
Endorsed by Club For Growth (C4G)
Voted to support TPP trade agreement and Obama Fast Track trade authorization
Supports all Ukraine funding and U.S. government spending in Ukraine
Endorsed Florida Red Flag Laws, most firearm confiscation of any state
Silent over the 100 Florida citizen J6 detainees (largest number in nation)
Asked legislature to criminalize boycotts of Israeli companies, including pharmaceutical companies
No support for E-verify system or employment law against illegal alien hires
Endorsed by Paul Ryan
Endorsed by Jeb Bush
Refused to answer question about filling his full term as governor if reelected.

The d/prog don’t want any voices they don’t agree with to be heard. Anyone unwilling to adopt the flawed premises of their narratives is rejected by them as an extremist.

Musk is gonna allow heterodox views on Twitter. This is viewed as an existential threat by d/prog. They don’t want a debate or discussion on the issues of the day, they want a chorus of approval where the only questions allowed are; have we spent enough taxpayer $ and why won’t the r admit they are evil?

Social media is a disruptive tool precisely because it allows individual users to reach a mass audience. That’s what scares the d/prog, the removal by Musk of the throttle that these platforms put in place to minimize or exclude dissenting views. They know can’t win a debate on the merits so they want to cancel the debate entirely.

I welcome Musk and the schadenfreude he has generated. Whether he is a true conservative or not is moot; he is certainly better that what is being “bum rushed” out of the company. I am sure they will rear their ugly heads at FakeBook or Slapchat or even the ChiCom TikTok.

I never joined Twatter because, what would be the point if you are just cancelled unilaterally for some perceived, nonsensical slight, even when they are dead wrong.

I fear no leftist, as long as I am allowed to answer them fully.

    healthguyfsu in reply to Dimsdale. | October 28, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    I have not participated in twitter since being banned because of thin-skinned hanna nikole jones tattling to her buddies about me. For reinstatement, they asked for my mobile number and I said hell to the no.

    henrybowman in reply to Dimsdale. | October 28, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    “he is certainly better that what is being “bum rushed” out of the company. I am sure they will rear their ugly heads at FakeBook or Slapchat or even the ChiCom TikTok.”

    Please, God, let it be OnlyFans.

Fat_Freddys_Cat | October 28, 2022 at 7:54 am

I never understood why people were upset about Twitter before, and I don’t understand it now. For most of my life no such thing existed so perhaps my perspective is twisted but why people think they can’t live without Twitter is a mystery to me. (Yes, I use it but recognize it for what it is: just a tool.)

    I do t tweet either, I did once, years ago amd I was threatened by a black guy, at least his picture was black, not that that means anything, but he told me he could Dox me and come to my house.

    This over a comment about the Constitution

    I realized what an evil evil place it was.

    Mary Chastain in reply to Fat_Freddys_Cat. | October 28, 2022 at 8:38 am

    I met a lot of cool people on Twitter. But now I use it to talk sports, music, memes, and cats. Trying to go back to the fun days. It’s amazing how many friends I’ve made with different political views because we never brought up politics.

    Social media is great, but like everything else, is a double edged sword.

      JohnSmith100 in reply to Mary Chastain. | October 28, 2022 at 2:29 pm

      If you have a friend whom you do not dare discuss politics, then they are not worth dare mention anything political, then they are not a friend. They are likely just another low level tyrant.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Fat_Freddys_Cat. | October 28, 2022 at 9:47 am

    Same here, kinda. I’ve not been to My Space in weeks!

    Seriously: I never saw much point in most social media.

    henrybowman in reply to Fat_Freddys_Cat. | October 28, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    When you consider that Twitter is the nuclear bomb of propaganda, this argument falls apart.
    Sure, at one time, it didn’t exist, and up until yesterday, it still didn’t exist for you, but your enemies had it.
    It’s like Guy Montag arguing that his parents got along fine without the Seashell, or Winston Smith ignoring the proliferation of surveillance TVs.

And Reb Lima: “Freedom awakens gradually as we become conscious of our ties, like the sleeper of his senses. Then, finally, our actions have a name.”

A teaching which Reb Zale translated into this image: “You think it is the bird which is free. Wrong: it is the flower.”

– Jabes

Steven Brizel | October 28, 2022 at 8:30 am

Free speech especially for conservatives now has a chance at Twitter. This may make the exodus from the Titanic look like small potatoes

    henrybowman in reply to Steven Brizel. | October 28, 2022 at 11:50 pm

    I’m old enough to remember when American CEOs almost universally had balls this big.
    Nowadays, the last few CEOs I can recall having this degree of testicularity are Mike Lindell, the Hobby Lobby CEO, and the chap who runs Goya. (I’m counting only “primarily commercial” CEOs, not “political organization” CEOs like O’Keefe of Veritas and Jeremy Boreing of Daily Wire.)

Isn’t it simply amazing how all these people are having a melt down over no longer being able to censor those opinions with which they disagree. Essentially they are throwing a temper tantrum because other people’s contrary opinions can now be heard. So just who are those pesky fascists?

    JHogan in reply to Cleetus. | October 28, 2022 at 10:54 am

    They saw what happened to the Soviet Union when Gorbachev instituted glasnost.

    Leftwing drama queens imagine their dreams of a Sovietized America will be shattered by Musk’s policy of glasnost on Twitter.

    healthguyfsu in reply to Cleetus. | October 28, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    It’s like they can never make up their mind.

    Musk buying Twitter is evil, then they are delighted that Twitter is suing Musk to force the sale, then they are upset again when he goes and buys it.

      henrybowman in reply to healthguyfsu. | October 28, 2022 at 5:21 pm

      It’s just like immigration enforcement, or the filibuster. Those lacking principles or brains have to look to their masters to know whether to be for it or against it at any given time.

If the “gates of hell opened” then those Dems who populate Twitter got awfully comfortable in there.

A globally successfully African-American buys a big chatroom, and the left acts as if the world is ending.

Seems legit.

If Twitter became “not a friend to conservatives or liberals“ it would be a massive improvement so…

“Hold your ground like a Ukrainian.” 😅

That dude is taking the possible elimination of censorship on Twitter pretty hard.

Bad for Which I use quite a bit.

Which I will undoubtedly stick with, because Musk said before that the 5 or 10% on the far right and far left should be unhappy. Well, who does he think manned our revolution? The milquetoasts in the middle?

Also, is implementing many projects like Gab TV,,

Gab Pay

and Gab Marketplace

He’s a young 30-something Christian in Pennsylvania with a wife and two kids or three kids, and he’s been deplatformed everywhere and built everything from scratch.


    CommoChief in reply to Close The Fed. | October 29, 2022 at 2:35 am

    Musk is looking at the same sort of things for Twitter. This is why it’s so difficult for another company to be an alternative; the existing platforms maintain their dominance by buying up smaller rivals or build out their own version of new product. In essence they allow newer, smaller rivals to innovate and then copy them.

I thought that would put a link in. Here’s the link to the main site:

I’m going to predict that a year from now, Twitter will be utterly unusable as a result of all the ads and spam. Like Facebook, the user base will fracture among a dozen alternatives and Musk will sell what’s left.

They’re complaining about a threat to free speech, but what they are REALLY worried about is that free speech will actually be allowed on Twitter, and that they might lose the ability to censor and ban thoughts and viewpoints that are not in full alignment with their own.

It may take awhile and sometimes blood is spilled, but tyrants cannot survive free speech.

The authoritarian tyrants of Twitter lost all of their power today. If they had allowed free speech to flourish they would still have their jobs.

Otto Kringelein | October 28, 2022 at 11:18 am

It’s just so much fun watching those liberal blue-check lunatics that said if Musk were to buy Twitter® they’d leave now try and talk their way into staying on Twitter® for the good of the country and democracy. (Yes, I know we’re a Republic but they say democracy. Go figure.) Just like all those liberal lunatics that stated they’d leave the United States if Trump were elected president – and then never did. All talk and no action. Hypocrites all.

Musk walks in with a sink “let it sink in”
Has meeting with top execs probably went like this:
Musk “who’s in charge”?
“We demand this and this and that you do this…”
Musk “your all fired. Now, who is in charge”?
Remaking Board members ” you are”
Musk “that is correct. Now tell me why your not next”

Without Parag, the completely legitimate Hunter Biden laptop story has a place to see the light from the darkness and have a meaningful impact and broader conversation about corruption. One such platform could be the one that doesn’t kowtow to the media overlords.

I read all the content and comments and I still don’t care about Twitter. Except for my 401K concerns, I wish all the social media companies in the S&P500 Would go out of business.

I think it’s more “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” when it comes to Musk. He’s a liberal, sure, but he’s also disruptive. The Tech Oligarchy could use some disruption, especially since there’s some strong signs of a consolidation of power between the techs and the government. It’s also fun to see people who 12-15 years ago treated the owner of Solar City and Tesla a fun hero now turn and make him into some Cyberpunk Corpofascist villain.

Still, I anticipate some minor, though meaningful, change to the twitter censorship program, if only because contracting twitter into a left wing only sphere will ultimately strangle out to many people and to many advertisers. After that, we’ll ultimately see if he keeps it or sells, but it’ll be a worthwhile ride.

Sounds likeOberlin could be fair game now. Imagine if the alumni were to find out what they have been up to recently. Apparenetly nothing ccording to the alumni mag I got yhis week. You’d think that blowing $45M would merit a mention, but apprently not. Just a lot of hot air about how great they are. Should have been “were’ since it has been a long slide since I graduated, not saying the two are related.

Eucatastrophy: The Mouth of Sauron has Fallen.

To everyone on the Left who claims “it’s not censorship” when financial or social media companies censor, deplatform, SoftBan, or outright ban based on ideology legal activity – because “it’s not the govt, only govt censorship counts” – why is only AOK when you do it – and not when it’s done to you?

In any case – recent leaks have proved that the govt outsourced censorship to non govt companies, directing them thru email and regular meetings where censorship policy was directed and set BY the govt.

Elon is by no means a “conservative”, very few pot heads are. He senses a business opportunity, take over a potentially very profitable company with monopolistic power that’s undermining its own profitability for ideology – and whack its employees in the nose with rolled up paper quarterly reports saying, “bad doggie!, stop pooping where you live!”.

I remember a day when if you didn’t like something someone said, you ignored them and kept walking by. If you didn’t like what was on the radio, you changed the frequency to another station. If you didn’t like what was on TV, you changed the channel.

The way the left is loosing their minds about the twitter buy out, you have to wonder where these people were raised. It really seems they have no way to protect themselves from speech that they deem offensive, from the way they react they think it is physically hurting them.

I just don’t get it. Where did we go wrong? If these people had been raised in the world I grew up in they would have been mercilessly mocked and ridiculed.

    CommoChief in reply to starride. | October 29, 2022 at 2:42 am

    There’s no actual alternative to Twitter in terms of reach to an audience to use so they can’t ‘change the dial’ anymore than those on the right could. It isn’t about their desire not to listen to other views, their true desire is that those views shouldn’t be communicated at all. That’s why they are so upset, they can’t depend upon Twitter weirdos to ban the viewpoints they dislike.

      Twitter IS a monopoly – just like Ma Bell was a monopoly.
      The value in social media app or a physical phone isn’t in the individual, it’s in the network, the ability to communicate between two or more users. Theoretically you COULD establish a new competing phone company but practically, not being given access to the Ma Bell network made that impractical to do. Breaking up Ma Bell and allowing competitors network access freed the customers to choose from more than one all-powerful company. Choices.

      Musk buying twitter and deep-sixing ideological-based censorship is all well and good. But it’s like the difference between a law and an executive order, the very next owner could re-impose censorship – and in either direction.

      A more long term solution would be to break up the social media monopolies. Once a company user base reaches a critical mass (say somewhere between one to ten million) break up the moderation power to separate companies – each free to have their own policies – but curtailed by law that they have to be transparent and written out – no shadow bans, no bans without specific policy violation cited, no bans without procedure for at least one level of plea for reversal. Users would choose one mini-group, any company income is divided by the percentage of (non-bot) users signed up to that group, If you want to live in a virtual ideological ghetto you can, but you don’t get to drag everyone else with you into it. Or pretend that your views are normal and everyone else’s is extremist because the numbers and identities of who can’t stand to be disagreed with are now public.

I would like to have been there to see the faces of all of those employees defianty declaring they aren’t going anywhere when Musk walked in carrying his sink. Reality bites again!

“Despite what he says, Musk is in it for himself. He loves to make money, like everyone else, so don’t be shocked if he sells in a few years.”

I think it’s more than that. I don’t think Musk is political by choice so it really is irrelevant. He has declared more than once that money is a means to accomplishing his biggest goal: colonizing Mars. The politics? He has been dragged into it by competitors like Bezos and enemies like Gates who will do anything to ruin him. So he brings the chaos.

Sure, he isn’t focused on helping our political objectives but the chaos he is creating is providing us with plenty of room to maneuver while taking down one of the prime “private companies” aiding and abetting the Deep State in circumventing the 1st Amendment. Another major player, Facebook/Meta is taking itself out of the game. All before the elections.

Until lately, he has also been single-handedly destroying Putin. And his Starlink has been a key to Ukraine’s military effectiveness against Russia’s inept thugs.

The guy is a player who plays his own game. And his game is much more destructive of tyrants than it is of free societies. His chaos liberates the forces that are trapped by tyrants. He may not like Trump, but he is sure helping him greatly.

    A timely YouTube video on this subject by my favorite physicist Sabine Hossenfelder. I never miss her weekly posts. Her books are excellent too. I love her because she is one of the few scientists who still places philosophy above science. Science is a tool limited to addressing only questions that involve studying empirical data. If you can’t count it, weigh it or measure in any way, you can’t propose testable hypotheses which is the very definition of science. We need to bring that kind of thinking back.

    In this one, she explains “longtermism” which is a philosophy embraced by Musk, Thiel and other billionaires show are obsessed with existential threats facing mankind far into the future. They are the complete opposite of altruists who are obsessed with doing good as the only philosophy people should be concerned with.

    Longtermists base their philosophy purely on mathematical models without any concern for human nature or morality. They little to no value to a single human life and world of “billions and billions” of everything. To them, reducing the probability of an existential threat occurring by one-billionth of a percent is worth sacrificing a billion lives. When you are worth billions and billions of dollars, you think like all-powerful gods.

    That explains Musk’s obsession with colonizing Mars. I have no idea how Thiel thinks but it would something along the same lines. But to them, everything is NOT about making money. Their objectives and goals transcend money.

    So like Mary, I too have a distrust for Musk and the rest of them. They have the money to do what they want for their own reasons. And for more than a few of them, it’s longtermism philosophy. It’s not globalism but eternal univeralism. Just as scary.