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‘Painful to Watch’: Even Blue Checkmark Twitter Found Fetterman’s Debate Performance Horrible

‘Painful to Watch’: Even Blue Checkmark Twitter Found Fetterman’s Debate Performance Horrible

“This is painful to watch regardless of one’s politics.”

The debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz showed why Fetterman and his campaign put off a debate.

Painful. Even Blue Checkmark Twitter agreed, including Morning Joe and a former Biden official.

This is…sad.


The best part of the debate involved fracking. Fetterman tried to convince people that he’s always supported fracking.

Fetterman melted down when the moderator confronted him about his 2018 comments. I mean, even CNN called him out over his fracking hypocrisy.


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This poor debate showing should ideally be the nail in the coffin of sociopath, ne’er-do-well, parasitic, criminal-coddling Fetterman’s campaign. At least, one can only hope. Never underestimate the gullibility of Dumb-o-crats. I’ll be seriously disappointed after election day if Fetterman, Warnock and Katie Hobbs haven’t lost their respective races.

E Howard Hunt | October 26, 2022 at 7:13 am

Fetterman belongs in the Senate if you consider it a group home.

And that, folks, is why early voting must be made illegal.

Or at least insist that all debates occur before the first ballot is cast.

    guyjones in reply to Dimsdale. | October 26, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    Yeah, I’m for banning early voting, and, banning mail-in ballots for all Americans except military personnel stationed overseas, and, Americans living abroad. These mechanisms simply leave too much room for Dumb-o-crats’ shenanigans and mischief to manifest themselves. Everyone should vote in-person, on a single day, election day. No more nonsense.

Does this mean we have to quit making jokes about Democrats being brain damaged?

Bucky Barkingham | October 26, 2022 at 7:41 am

Fetterman tried to pull a Brandon by blatantly lying about his record on fracking. Strange that CNN opened that door.

Mary, you deserve hazard duty pay for this effort.

The truly insane part of this comes from MSNBC who, according to their “insightful” analysis thought Fetterman did a stellar job in showing Oz to be shallow, transparent, and on the wrong side of every argument ( My word! For them to act as though Fetterman is a great candidate after this horrific performance tells you all you need to know about the MSM and their honesty. And they wonder why no one believes their garbage.

Otto Kringelein | October 26, 2022 at 8:26 am

Not sure why anyone is surprised by Fetterman’s performance. After all, he didn’t do any worse than Joe does when allowed to speak in public. Fetterman & Biden represent what the modern democrat party has become. And it’s not a good thing.

Steven Brizel | October 26, 2022 at 8:36 am

Oz may have hit a home run last night in his exposing Fetterman’s numerous factually incorrect and inconsistent statements especially on fracking and in Fetterman displaying why he is unfit to serve as a Senator

Colonel Travis | October 26, 2022 at 8:41 am

No one on the (D) side cares if this Fetterthing is operating at 20% or 50% human capacity. If he can function enough to vote in the Senate, he’ll vote accordingly. If the creature explodes out of his neck and they need to replace him, they’ll vote for a (D) governor who will appoint some other twit who will vote accordingly. If the results are too close in these elections, the (D)s will pull whatever strings to get (D)s in office.

After the past few years, I am so beyond cynical when it comes to elections and power.

    Agreed. He’s just a body to fill the spot until they can fill it with someone who has (maybe) the I.Q. level above that of a turnip. Shortly after he’s put in place he will resign for health reasons.

It is apparent to me that a huge plank on the D platform is that every silk purse comes from a sow’s ear. I don’t feel sorry for Fetterman. Not for a second. That and this new thing.. ableism. Why not? Actual qualifications, mental and physical should be irrelevant. Catatonic? No problem.

As Colonel Travis pointed out.. it is easy to be beyond cynical.

Why not? Look who they “elected” POTUS.

If there is not a winner declared in PA within six hours of the polls closing then the turnip will win. Mail-in ballots will make up the difference just as they did in 2020 because pre-printed ballots don’t watch debates.

Dems and his team knew he was not equipped to be a Senator which is why they hid him, trying the Brandon strategy. Brandon let on what the plan was a few days ago. Hide Fetterwoman, get him elected then declare him unable to be Senator which allows him to resign and the Gov appoints his wife to the seat.

I saw the announcement on CNN yesterday afternoon and I thought, “This going to look like Oz curb stomping a child.”

And I was right.

Any PA voter voting for him after this is a fool. While I have sympathy for his condition, he should not be anywhere NEAR a Senate seat in Congress.

    I have sympathy for him. However, his wife and political team need to be in prison for spousal/disabled abuse.

    As should the Biden family and the entire Biden administration

Fetterman’s campaign is trying to blame the closed captioning company now. It can’t possibly be that phony, commie lay-about has cognitive issues.

The fact that the dems are still trying to prop him up after this is just pathetic.

Lumperman is not a bad person. problem is he has a Fetterman attached to him at the lump to neck interface.

Whoopee Peabody | October 26, 2022 at 11:04 am

The bad news is his debate performance was horrible.

The good news is he can go home and take off the ill fitting suit and put on a comfortable hoodie.

I’m just surprised they actually held a debate. I thought Fetterman would find a way to avoid it.

Anyone can change his mind about an issue. But you shouldn’t lie about the fact that you once had an opinion other than the one you have now. That’s a stupid thing to do.

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