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Democrats Have Lost Touch With Reality Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrats Have Lost Touch With Reality Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Inflation and gas prices are at a record high. People across the country are feeling real pain. And this is what Democrats see as a priority?

Joe Biden is not well.

Neither is America’s economic outlook.

Almost no one wants more of Biden.

Or his VP.

Changing the definitions of words won’t do anything.

Even CNN isn’t buying it.

Everything with this administration is just spin.

Democrats take no responsibility for anything.

Violent crime is completely out of control.

Same goes for illegal immigration.

Who is the media focused on?


We still don’t know the identity of the SCOTUS leaker.

The attempted murder of Kavanaugh just got worse.

Democrats and the media lied.

The left’s lunacy has real world consequences.

World news.

What a shame.


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Yet Democrats pay little price for it. If they have a one vote majority, they advance their agenda as far as they can. If they lose the next election, they continue pounding for what they want until a few RINOs give in and side with them. The next election or the one after that, they know they will be back in power and don’t even thank the RINOs for holding their coats as they resume their agenda where they left off. The Dem never stops. They don’t have to pause and reflect.

Democrats produce soap opera for the media, in a sort of business arrangement. The media get audience, the democrats get to fill the public debate space with fuzz.

The audience chooses what sort of narrative they’re most entertained living in. It used to be just the ladies following Richard and Liz’s marriage buying every tabloid on it, but today it’s general in reach. It’s not so much losing touch with reality but finding the genre you enjoy.

As long as half the population likes soap opera, the democrats are safe.

It’s better to ridicule their audience back into civic responsibility.

“Lost touch with reality” makes it sound like Democrat leaders are crazy and don’t know what they’re doing, when in fact they know exaclty what they’re doing and the ones that have lost touch with reality are the voters they woo into voting for them.

The road from capitalism back to capitalism will evidently run through Democrat party ‘progressives’ first. All we have to do is stop them by any means necessary, just like the progs are doing to us.

Too easy! When you can believe Bruce Jenner is a woman, reality and you are complete strangers.

taurus the judge | August 1, 2022 at 11:40 am

I respectfully disagree.

I do not see anything indicating the left has “lost touch with reality”.

What I see is they have their Marxist utopia vision and have decided all these “pains” and actions are necessary for the transition to their empire where they rule over us for our own good.

The pain doesn’t bother them because we “deserve it” for all our past evils.

I point that out for this reason.. ( as in psyops)

If you believe the lie that they are out of touch with reality- that builds in a stigma of innocence and even ignorance ( they didn’t realize the consequences or whatever).

That has a chilling effect on the level and intensity of the resistance meted out to them. (remember, neither Lenin or Hitler took their countries by force- just one lie at the time)

They are as fully conscious and aware ( and in agreement) with this “agenda” and the implementation strategy as the operation planners of Pearl Harbor.

They are COUNTING on us sleeping through it until the bombs are dropping ( too late then)