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Trump was an outstanding president for labor, a fact for which he receives little credit. Many labor union members backed Trump, but the bosses are in bed with the Democrats and backed Biden. Now the Steelworkers Union is asking Biden to keep Trump's tariff on foreign steel in place.

As the post-2020 election dust begins settling, for the Democrats anyway, former Obama stooge Rahm Emmanuel digs up and mercilessly flings at those Americans left behind by regressive, globalist policies insulting, condescending leftist advice.  He tells unemployed, and soon-to-be-unemployed under the Harris-Biden administration, retail workers that they need to #LearnToCode.

A recent poll from Gallup found that 56 percent of registered voters believe they are better off after four years under President Trump than they were four years ago under the Obama/Biden administration. Joe Biden was asked by a reporter why these voters should support him. Biden said they probably shouldn't.

Have you been listening to Joe Biden's economic message lately? If you have, you may find that it sounds a bit familiar. It almost seems like Joe is going to say "Make America Great Again" any day now. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in Biden's case, it just sounds like his latest attempt at plagiarism.

European Union economies have taken a big hit in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, registering their biggest decline in recent history. The eurozone economies, comprising of 19 out of 27 EU member states, reported an annualized GPD decline of 40.3 percent, higher than the annualized drop of 32.9 percent registered in the United States. 

The public perception problems for Joe Biden are growing. He's not all there, as is obvious from his disastrous livestreams and TV interviews, and has all but disappeared during the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. A just-released ABC News / Washington Post poll (pdf.) reveals another problem, one that comes as no surprise: Democrats are not enthsiastic about Biden, even as he racks up delegates and appears headed to the nomination.

Under Obama, being on food stamps was portrayed as "cool" and even something to aspire to.  After all, one could get lobster and a host of other luxury food items via the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  The Obama administration urged everyone who could remotely qualify to enroll. In fact, Obama vastly expanded food stamps eligibility and the number of food stamp recipients.