I almost feel bad for the Democrats because this week has been absolute hell. ALMOST. If they weren’t so righteous and cocky I would.

Gallup just threw more egg on their face by revealing President Donald Trump’s job approval reached his personal best despite the impeachment trial.

Plus, 52% of Americans want the Senate to acquit Trump.


The left will spin it because even though 49% approve of Trump, 50% disapprove of him. Only 1% did not have an opinion.

But come on. The left and the media have drummed up the impeachment trial and made it seem like Trump sold babies. Oh, wait. That’s Planned Parenthood.

Gallup took the poll during the trial. So if the Democrats did their job then why did Gallup find that 52% of Americans want the Senate to acquit Trump?

Maybe it’s because the majority of people do not care. Trump’s approval rating went up in other issues like Iran (47%), foreign trade (50%), and the economy.

People vote with their pockets. Our economy keeps getting better. Unemployment remains low.

So it doesn’t shock me that 66% of Americans approve of how Trump has handled the economy. This is the highest approval rating for any president.


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