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The splashy headlines in the MSM all talk about how the House Freedom Caucus killed the farm bill in the House today since those members demanded the lawmakers vote on immigration legislation first. But it's a good thing this bill died because of the non-sexy components the MSM won't touch. The lawmakers filled the bill with so much pork that it'd shock anyone that agriculture was the main subject.

The April jobs report has a few good and bad items. The economy added 164,000 jobs, which sounds great, but below the 175,000 - 190,000 forecasters predicted. The biggest news? The U.S. unemployment rate is at 3.9%. This is the first time the unemployment rate is below 4% since 2000.

Remember when the left said that President Donald Trump's tax reform would not work because the companies would give those breaks to shareholders instead of reinvesting in the company?
Well, Bloomberg released data that shows capex (capital expenditure) has won out. It shows that the 130 companies in the S&P 500 have increased capital spending by 39%, which is the fastest rate in seven years. Returns to shareholders has only grown by 16%.

A possible trade war continues to brew as China proposes its own tariffs on American goods after President Donald Trump's administration released a list of 1,300 Chinese exports it plans to target with tariffs. Despite this action and concerns of a trade war, Trump insists we cannot lose said war because we're already "$500 billion down."

President Donald Trump has been working hard at erasing his predecessor's phone-and-pen legacy. His latest rollback of Obam-era inanity focuses on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its new plans for fuel economy standards.
The Trump administration is expected to launch an effort in coming days to weaken greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy standards for automobiles, handing a victory to car manufacturers and giving them ammunition to potentially roll back industry standards worldwide.

President Donald Trump is expected to announce new tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States later today. The decision comes after a seven-month-long investigation by the Trump administration into the U.S. intellectual property theft orchestrated by Beijing. The move is expected to hit $50 billion worth of Chinese imports.

Earlier this week Senate Democrats introduced a tax plan designed to show what Democrats can be expected to do should they win back majorities in Congress. Their press release refers to their avoidance of "gimmicks and giveaways"; this appears to be a reference to the bonuses, pay raises, and private sector investment and job creation afforded by the new tax law.  All of which, the Democrat proposal would roll back.

This came as a shock to many! The Labor Department reported that the US economy added 313,000 jobs in February, beating expectations by 100K. The country has added more than half a million jobs in the first two months of 2018.

President Donald Trump campaigned "to protect the U.S. from what he has said are unfair trade practices." It looks like he has tried to keep that promise since he announced during a meeting with steel executives that the U.S. will impose 25% tariffs on steel imports and 10% on aluminum. We do not know yet if it will affect all countries or just ones like China, who has sent a lot of cheap metals to the states.

Legal Insurrection readers will recall the California legislature's attempt to create a special government fund as a "charity" for taxpayer donations to mitigate the loss of state and local tax (SALT) deductions in the recently passed GOP tax plans. The politicians must have realized the approach was full of fail, so now leaders of several blue states are planning a lawsuit to block the entire overhaul package. California may join in.

Just before Christmas, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that has set America's economy on a trajectory to prosperity and put wealth back in the hands of its citizens. The new rules also substantially reduced the country's corporate tax rate to 21 percent, down from a fairly hefty 35 percent. Now, a pair of California Grinches are offering a bill that would ultimately divert some of the federal savings back into Sacramento coffers.

Despite the Democrat and media "shutdown" fever, President Trump's economic and tax policies are creating real change, change that is improving or soon will improve the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. From over a hundred major companies providing "Trump tax" bonuses to major companies hiking employee pay to existing employees to major corporations announcing massive U. S. expansion and investment, the Trump economy is set to boom.