President Donald Trump is delivering the 2020 State of the Union speech tonight, despite some speculation that it might be postponed since the Senate is voting on his acquittal on Wednesday. Will the Democrats show respect during his address?

To his credit, after all he has gone through, Trump is reportedly going to focus on positive topics.

Morgan Chalfant writes at The Hill:

Trump plans ‘optimistic’ address for State of the Union

President Trump’s third State of the Union address on Tuesday will put forth a vision of “relentless optimism” that focuses on addressing issues affecting America’s working families, a senior administration official told reporters Friday.

“The theme of the State of the Union is the great American comeback,” the senior administration official said. “In his address, the president will lay out a vision of relentless optimism.”

“He will encourage Congress to work with him to continue building an inclusive economy where the least well-off are making some of the fastest gains and where people of every background are finding new opportunities,” the official said.

Focusing on the economy is smart politics and gives Trump a chance to do two things at once. Not only can he highlight some of the accomplishments of his administration, but he can also reinforce his commitment to bettering the lives of all Americans.

Dave Boyer of the Washington Times has more on this:

Trump will emphasize ‘blue-collar boom’ in State of Union address

President Trump’s State of the Union address next week will focus on “the great American comeback” under his leadership, a senior administration official said.

Among the issues he’ll promote are expanding school choice, the need to end sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, and furthering the economy’s “blue-collar boom” to provide strong wage gains for lower-income workers…

Mr. Trump’s third State of the Union will emphasize the strong economy lifting up all Americans, his plans for supporting working families, lowering health-care costs, ensuring safe and legal immigration, and bolstering national security.

Just a week after failing to convince the Senate to impeach and remove Trump from office, Democrats are expected to be as pleasant as ever.

Christina Marcos writes at The Hill:

Democrats gear up for State of the Union protests as impeachment lingers

A number of House Democrats are gearing up to stage protests against President Trump’s State of the Union address once again Tuesday, this time after voting to impeach him.

Female Democrats are reprising their coordinated white outfits to show solidarity with women, and, as in years past, at least a handful of lawmakers are considering or planning to boycott Trump’s speech in the House chamber entirely…

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who introduced articles of impeachment against Trump in 2017, skipped the last two State of the Union addresses. He told The Hill that he has no intention to “go in a very cold room and hear a bunch of puff and lies.”

Likely, America will once again have to watch as the perpetually bitter Democrats refuse to applaud a booming economy and record low unemployment, among other things.

Imagine how poorly they would behave if things were going badly.


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