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New York City witnessed 15 shootings in 15-hours on Saturday as violence continues to surge in the Big Apple. On July 1, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city council passed a budget, which included $1 billion cuts from the NYPD. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't blame the cuts. Instead, she blamed unemployment "because struggling residents are forced to shoplift in order to 'feed their children.'"

Some people in the NYPD are apparently sick of all the anti-police sentiment out there today. A couple of flyers being passed around by officers suggest that members of the force call in sick on July 4th to give the city the independence from police it apparently craves. There are so many ways such a thing could go.

The decision of police officers to take a knee based on heckling from the woke mobs is obviously an individual one.  We've seen New York City's top uniformed cop take a knee, and most of us cringed.  We've seen cops washing the feet of black "faith leaders," and most of us cringed.  Likewise, we cheer when a police officer asserts that he kneels for no one but God.

Reports of a Muslim woman in traditional Muslim attire being set on fire were met with justifiable shock and horror . . . and assumptions about the nature of the crime. For example, The Guardian pondered the courage it takes "just going out" in traditional Islamic dress.  They followed this up with dire warnings, including:  "We are facing the most hostile environment since the immediate aftermath of 9/11. All Americans must speak out otherwise there will be worse to come." CAIR-NY weighed in with its own condemnation based on the assumption that this was a hate crime. Watch: