Quran Campbell, 25, faces assault charges in New York City for allegedly punching NYPD chief Terence Monahan and two other officers on Wednesday.

The judge released Campbell without bail while holding Banks Shaborn, the second suspect, on $10,000 bail.

Campbell allegedly attacked Monahan when he attempted to arrest Campbell after he “allegedly punched another NYPD officer and lieutenant near the Manhattan approach to the” Brooklyn Bridge.

Shaborn supposedly attacked the same lieutenant, Richard Mack, “multiple times in the face during the scuffle.”

From The New York Post:

The suspects allegedly broke both of Mack’s orbital bones, sending him to the hospital for 12 stitches on his face after the melee. Monahan said he suffered some bruises and jammed fingers, but was otherwise fine.

Police said they recovered a Taser from Shaborn’s pocket and a folding knife from his shoe.

Shaborn, who faces assault and criminal possession charges, was held on $10,000 bail.

The brawl happened after social justice protesters went after a pro-NYPD march over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Monahan described the Black Lives Matters movement as “legitimate,” but said, “it is being hijacked by these anarchists, and they are the ones that have been attacking our police officers [and] are out hiding behind the many, many peaceful protesters that are out there.”

The brawl left eight officers injured. Police arrested 37 people.


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