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The Incredible Shrinking President Week at Legal Insurrection

The Incredible Shrinking President Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Joe Biden is sinking like a stone, and the reasons why are pretty obvious.

He’s a disaster.

Bernie Sanders is driving his agenda.

The border is completely out of control.

They keep doubling down on this absurd claim.

The media is trying so hard to intervene.

Democrats are just lashing out, now.

It’s not helping them.

Big tech has absolutely been weaponized.

Exactly right.


Not dealing in reality.

Do as I say, not as I do.

World news.

Branco cartoon!


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E Howard Hunt | October 10, 2021 at 8:20 am

And, the left’s ascension will continue unabated.

    Yes, something is ascending in this country but “the left” includes much of the territory that “we” insist on embracing.

    Most of the “conservative” blogosphere has inexplicably memory-holed Trump and narrowed the acceptable range of what is acceptable for we “polite” people to be discussing. And we go along with it like sheep. And so we Americans keep slogging along hopelessly divided while we cling to our echo chambers and adamantly refuse to recognize what is really going on. All we seem to care about on this site is to make sure that the next president will not be a Democrat and especially, not Trump. Depressing.

    We don’t have time address our problems one inch at a time like lawyers building a case. And we have lots of problems to talk about. But We MUST open our narrative to the bigger problems. We absolutely MUST open our eyes to the real enemy (China) and how they have completely corralled us within our corrupt institutions.

    Below is a link to an eye-opening video addressing China’s $2.1 billion investment in gain of function genetic research (vs our paltry $210 million). They are far ahead of us in being able to weaponize bioweapons that can target specific genes that would enable them to even target specific races or whatever sectors of a gene pool they select. They have been allowed to amass samples of every other nation’s gene pool while not allowing their own gene pool to be shared.

    Whether or not they can do this, it is well worth discussing. The fact they THEY are serious about pursuing this objective is significant and we avoid our repeated mistake of not believing our enemies when they are openly vowing to destroy and making the necessary preparations.

    I was asked last week where I get my information. I start by finding information like this video and see how it fits in my big narrative. I then try to find knowledgeable people to work through whether it is just propaganda or presented way out of context. It has to at least prove to be plausible for me to take an interest. For now, I think it far more than plausible but not likely to work out the way China hopes. But annihilating their own population while killing off most of the world’s population still bad for us.

    Aren’t we all wondering why Xi is destroying his country’s most prosperous economic sectors and putting China in peril of economic collapse? As has been noted, Xi is a man in a hurry to put his mark on history. It is significant to not that he has been focused on investing big in warfare generally and bio-warfare specifically while manipulating (controlling?) the narrative playing out in his chief enemy’s homeland: America. XI doesn’t care about the import/export sectors that have been providing the wealth for China. The time has come that his CCP is taking control of everything again signalling that something is going to happen.

    Is this worth discussing? Not if we can’t discuss these things with an open mind.Not if we only find comfort by building blind conformity in our echo chambers. Not if the objective is to come up with a case we can take to court and win. No, the objective is to get to fully understand our mortal enemy and getting our priorities and ducks in order so that we can build a consensus as to what must be done. As things are right now, I would just as soon find a hole to crawl in. Probably just as well. I am sure this is just another thing that will be tossed into the LI memory hole.

And we are still supposed to believe 81 million people voted for this commie appeasing cadaver?

Real question ..

When was the last time the KKK actually did anything more than merely meet together ?

Biden is a disgrace…a corrupt moron. Kamala is a blundering idiot.