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Radical Joe Biden Officially Rejects Moderate Stance That Got Him Elected

Radical Joe Biden Officially Rejects Moderate Stance That Got Him Elected

Biden wants these bills tied together, always has, and clearly showed that in his humiliation of the Biden Republicans who thought they were strutting a “bipartisan” victory only to learn they were played.  And hard.

So far this year, Democrats have passed trillions in spending: $1.52 trillion in discretionary spending and $1.9 trillion for their American Rescue Plan. That’s not enough, though.  In fact, they were just getting started.

In spite of rampant inflation, global shortages due in part to supply chain disruptions, and general economic uncertainty created by onerous government lockdowns during the WuFlu pandemic and Biden wiping out American energy independence (along with other economy-boosting measures taken by President Trump), they have been trying to wrangle Democrat progressives and the moderates in both the House and the Senate to pass another $1.1 trillion in infrastructure and another $3.5 trillion in “human infrastructure” spending. Along with all the taxes and accompanying strains on an already fragile economy.

For those keeping track at home, that’s a whopping $8 trillion plus in new spending at a time when unemployment is high, prices on everything are biting the middle and lower classes, and uncertainty looms about the future of small businesses harmed by year-long lockdowns.

So far, the battle to impoverish America has ended in a stalemate with Democrat radicals and moderates firmly entrenched and each side demanding the unacceptable of the other. One of the things that has been at issue throughout all of this is whether or not the infrastructure bill should be tied to the gigantic reconciliation bill (the “human infrastructure” bill that attempts to remake our entire nation).

On Friday, Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden doddered over to the House to meet with the Democrat caucus in a purported attempt to unify his fractured party over their ongoing intraparty struggles.

What he ended up doing, and what the White House staff are reportedly doing “behind the scenes,” is doubling down on his support for the Bernie Sanders-written $3.5 trillion socialist wishlist boondoggle to remake America.  And America-hating progressives are reportedly ‘exalting’ in their Biden-fueled “newfound power.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi is caught off-guard and nonplussed since she has been promising her moderate caucus that she will decouple the bills and hold votes on the already-Senate-passed infrastructure bill. Biden shot that down, siding with obstructionist progressives and effectively stabbing Pelosi in the back and hampering her ability to work with the moderate faction of her party.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, however.  Remember when Biden got far too many naive, greedy, power-hungry, self-involved, and politically unsavvy Republicans to buy-in to the (not really) infrastructure bill?  Remember when they were all assembled at the White House to trumpet their bipartisan success?  Remember when Biden pulled the rug out from under them all, in public and on national television, by declaring that this bipartisan bill was tied to the Bernie boondoggle? Implying rather strongly that these Republicans supported both?

These insipid Biden Republicans were all there, happy to support an “infrastructure” bill that has very little to do with actual infrastructure, and then were blind-sided when Biden declared that the bill was DOA without the Bernie boondoggle.

The Biden Republicans, of course, just stood there like the court jesters Biden made them sans the fools caps and oranges for juggling.  They outraged—politely, of course—and the Biden admin dutifully lied to them and to the American people.  Given fake cover by a fake administration, the Biden Republicans declared victory.  It was a shameful spectacle.

So it’s with a bit of wonder that I read about how blind-sided moderate Democrats feel, they are “frustrated” and contend that Biden coming to the Hill to whip “against his own bill is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Yeah, no.  Biden wants these bills tied together, always has, and clearly showed that in his orchestrated and very public humiliation of the Biden Republicans who thought they were strutting a “bipartisan” victory only to learn in real time they were played.  And hard.

This is not the “moderate” Joe Biden that Americans thought they were electing. This grievous bait-and-switch perpetrated first on Biden Republicans, then on moderates in his own party, but ultimately on the American people is not only tanking Biden’s approval now that the full flush of his incompetence and anti-American radicalism is crystallizing, but it is very likely to bite Democrats hard in 2022.  And in 2024.


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Pretty sure it wasn’t his stances that put him in office. Let’s not pretend the election was legitimate.

“…but it is very likely to bite Democrats hard in 2022. And in 2024.”

From your keyboard to God’s eyes. I fear even if the Socialist/Communists would suffer what we would call grievous losses, they will not hesitate one nanosecond in their quest, and march, to remake the country into a Socialist/Communist “paradise”.

    divemedic in reply to Edward. | October 3, 2021 at 9:03 pm

    It’s cute that you think that elections matter. If 2020 taught you anything, it should have been that elections are no longer free or fair.

He’s a Progressive zealot who adheres to the Twilight faith, Pro-Choice religion, and liberal ideology, with a politically congruent bent. The question is who does he represent NOW (pun intended). Throw another baby on the barbie.

What makes anyone think any of these garbage politicians will ever be voted out of office again?


No one knows what backroom deals were made. But it sure was strange how Bernie and Warren stepped back to let Biden win the nomination in 2020. They fought like heck until February and then suddenly they step aside in favor of Biden. And they rarely attached Biden throughout the primary. Very fishy. It is reasonable to wonder what they got in return for stepping aside. It sure was not a cabinet post. This is why people see Biden as a TROJAN HORSE for the radical left.

Who got fooled ? All those Democrat and Independent voters who were told Biden is a moderate and would govern down the middle. Probable at least 10 million people in this category.

They know if they tell the truth – Biden would never be elected. So, they make back-room deals and lie to the people.

Most who vote for Biden did so because the media made it seem like Trump was some crazy devil (his over tweeting supported the media narrative). They were NOT voting for radical progressive agenda or Open Borders. The DNC and Biden are delusional if they think they have a mandate to adopt Bernie Sanders socialist agenda based on the lie that Biden is a moderate.

A presidency built on trying to fool the American people is illegitimate. Biden is a CROOK and a FRAUD on America.

Justice for Ashley Babbitt. Free the 1/6 political prisoners. Stop the Fraud on America.

    gran2ten in reply to Ben Kent. | October 4, 2021 at 4:14 pm

    Very very SUSPICIOUS! Anyone who closely followed the Democratic Primary’s could see slow joe was hardly noticeable in some primaries! So, the DEMO SYNDICATE PULLED HIM UP AND SET HIM UP! WaLAH, a NEW MAN IN TOWN!

This idiot likely loss the election by 5 or 6 million votes.

Is that Sinema standing next to him? Boy, Joe’s been grooming the hell out of her. Unless this is a re-used photo, its not the first time, either.
Or maybe she’s just there for when the old codger requires a hit of “smelling salts.”

“This is not the “moderate” Joe Biden that Americans thought they were electing.”

The American people thought they were electing Donald Trump.

What is this moderate stance you speak of? Biden is doing everything he promised to do.

Good post as usual, from Ms. Slippers. I personally would put the word “elected” in the headline in quotation marks, to reflect Xi-den’s installation by the Chinese communists, courtesy of their Fauci-funded, Wuhan virus bioweapon, and, of course, the usual Dhimmi-crat ballot chicanery and shenanigans, especially in Pennsylvania.

Biden has never been a moderate. Never in the 50 years he was in DC. That Big Lie was spread by the Dems and their Dem-media propaganda complex to help get him elected and get rid of Trump.

Much of the GOPe and all of the neverTrumpers hate Trump so much they too said it was true. Knowing it wasn’t. Once again, they lied to you. Directly to your face.

And yet the Dems still had to rig the election and cheat to get Biden into the WH.


Mussolini Democrats will meet a horrible fate.
The CCP will put a bullet in their heads when the fall occurs.
No longer useful…..

    henrybowman in reply to scooterjay. | October 4, 2021 at 2:25 am

    If we wait for the CCP to do it, we’re doomed. We need to police our own campsites.

    TX-rifraph in reply to scooterjay. | October 4, 2021 at 7:58 am

    Didn’t Machiavelli recommend the use of proxies for especially unpleasant deeds, proxies whom the prince can later turn on and punish for performing those very deeds?

The “operation expanded testing” ads I’m seeing here are really annoying.

That said, let’s call it what it is: looting America. If you’re in government, it doesn’t matter how worthless the dollars you’re paid are because COLAs protect your income. If you’re Pelosi or Sanders perhaps your stock market investments tank, but your Congressional salary and perks will remain intact.

None of this matters. With the rigged leftist election machine fully-ensconced in the swing states, we on the Right no longer have representative government.

These insipid Biden Republicans were all there, happy to support an “infrastructure” bill that has very little to do with actual infrastructure, and then were blind-sided when Biden declared that the bill was DOA without the Bernie boondoggle.

I am not so sure they were blindsided. Failure Theater (TM) is the Franz von Papen Republicans’ favorite production because it allows them to work both sides of the street. They fool the voters into thinking they are an actual opposition party while at the same time delivering the goods to their woke corporate overlords.

Which is more likely: Republicans constantly get suckered for decades on end, or they are in on the scam and profit by it?

Moderate stance?
I think you misspelled “voter fraud….”

Antifundamentalist | October 4, 2021 at 8:35 am

Let’s be honest here. Biden’s “moderate stance” didn’t get him elected. “He’s not Trump” is what got him into office. Nothing else.

let’s go Brandon.

When was he ever moderate? As far back as I can remember he was mean and nasty and came across as a used car salesman

This is late but I do not recall any example of Joe Biden taking a moderate stance on anything during the campaign. He did claim to be a moderate but only in the context of “I am moderate which means you are a hopeless evil far right probably nazi hack”.