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Schumer’s Attack on the Republicans Who Gave Him a Win Is Telling

Schumer’s Attack on the Republicans Who Gave Him a Win Is Telling

Schumer wasn’t spiking the football, he was flailing and panicking because his attempt to force elimination of the Senate filibuster was thwarted.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell just saved the Senate, and if it holds, America. What is being described as a “complete capitulation” and a “blink” by McConnell was nothing of the sort.

McConnell wants to keep the filibuster in tact, despite the problems it caused when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate when President Trump was in the White House. And he’s not alone in that desire, and this is the crucial piece that so many seem to miss: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) does not want the filibuster eliminated. BUT, and this is the very real situation for McConnell, Manchin also did not want to be part of America defaulting . . . and was wavering on ditching the filibuster to make the debt ceiling provisions pass.

As we saw with the Reid rule, once something is allowed, it expands. McConnell is trying to save the Senate and by extension America by ensuring we do not have one-party rule. Manchin is on board, as long as there is no damage (i.e. a default), but if there is a clear and present danger of damage in the form of a default, Manchin would be more likely to cave. McConnell gave him room to breathe, to not make that difficult decision (for now).

You know who really understands McConnell’s move to preserve the Senate (and by extension our American republic)? Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer. McConnell gave the Senate Democrats opposed to abolishing the filibuster an out, and that enraged the majority leader.

Schumer was angry that McConnell chose the Senate and America over the America-destroying leftist agenda, and he couldn’t stop himself. He was well and truly angry at being out-played. Schumer wanted to use the debt limit to force moderate Democrat senators to blow-up the filibuster, and McConnell thwarted that (for now).

Schumer railed against Republicans, 11 of whom voted as he said he wanted, because McConnell had robbed him of his leverage.


Schumer’s petty little tantrum resulted in both Democrats and Republicans calling him out for his “lack of grace” and for his “fu*king stupid” comments.

Schumer wasn’t spiking the football, he was flailing and panicking. And Mitch McConnell knew it, as did Manchin.

I would not expect Manchin to suddenly give way on his own demands regarding the Hyde Amendment and fossil fuels, and with reports circulating that Sen.Kyrsten Sinema is ignoring WH calls . . . to the point that Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden is whinging about it, publicly, tells you all you need to know about how well leftest strong-arming is working for the radical Biden left against its own caucus members. Hint: it’s not. If anything, they are digging in.

With McConnell taking the filibuster-busting debt-ceiling vote off the table, he empowered the very Democrats who are thwarting the leftist commie agenda. I’m pretty much okay with that.


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Never expect decency from a Democrat.

Have you been watching the behavior of Omar (D. Somalia)?

Schumer wasn’t outplayed. He got exactly what he wanted, and Bitch McConnell caved under pressure, exactly like Schumer knew he would.

This speech was Schumer publicly glorying in the fact that as long as he continues to demonize the RINOs and the press says mean things about them, they will give him what he wants.

And the stupid RINOs like Romney are still going to line up and ‘reach across the aisle’ in the name of ‘decency’ and ‘norms’ that no longer exist.

This was not some clever ruse by the RINOs.

Because not a single one of them ACTUALLY VOTED FOR IT.

If this was some clever move on their part, they would be proud of it. Instead they’re still trying to pull the Failure Theatre bullshit of voting to end debate and then having a show vote against it and trying to pretend that they didn’t actually support it.

The very fact that the RINOs aren’t willing to actually stand behind their vote tells you all you need to know.

    McConnell’s ‘caving’ is his being extorted. His unethical financial ties to Communist China are deep, and likely illegal:

    Till we dump the corrupt rinos, we deserve all the misery coming our way.

    There’s always someone who believes a bully’s phony threat display — otherwise bullies would have stopped using them ages ago.

    donewiththis in reply to Olinser. | October 8, 2021 at 9:50 pm

    Bitch McConnell has to go. This could not have played out any differently. The asshole gives up the game for nothing.

    He is not on your side people. He is a swamp rat Democrat.

    So McConnell rose to the top of as corrupt a pile of politicians as there are and yet some of us still insist on believing that he is a man of honor? NO! He is as corrupt as any of swamp rats. McConnell again blinked just as Schumer knew he would and so Schumer’s reaction was not “revealing”. He does this every time McConnell leads the Stupid Party through his phony kabuki resistance dramas and then caves just when victory is at hand thus awarding everything Schumer was demanding and sometimes even more.

    You can expect an even bigger blink in two months when he hands the Uniparty what will be the final victory in destroying our economy. I have never even once been wrong in predicting that McConnell’s Stupid Party will cave at the end.

    And stop wondering how voters can keep electing Pelosi, Schumer, and their ilk. They too have ways of rationalizing away the obvious corruption and arriving at the usual conclusion like their is no other choice. That is WHY the Uniparty is so hard to break up. So could we please finally throw McConnell and his comrades in the trash? It’s not complicated to understand. The reason the Stupid Party is so stupid because the head Swamp Rat is orchestrating the stupidity.

      Dathurtz in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 9, 2021 at 9:21 am

      A lot of people have chosen the blue pill and will work themselves into all kinds of knots trying to stay asleep.

      The truth is a hard thing to look at right now.

    What no one points out is Congress has two other options before raising the debt limit. One is CUT SPENDING! The other is the one that reveals what a liar and traitor McConnell is. There is still over $500 billion not spent from the prior boondoggle bills. We were NOT at the brink. NOT! Does that change your reasoning Fuzzy?

      The money not spent is out of McConnell and the GOP’s hands. We were at the brink to the extent that Manchin may have caved on the filibuster to keep the US “solvent”. And that is a loss we cannot take right now. Given 15 months with a 50 vote +1 majority, and the ability to pass any and all bills the Socialists and AOC’s of the world desire would destroy this nation. We would have Cali style jungle primaries nation wide, the mail in voting scam they perpetrated last year would be ensconced as irreversible law, CRT style teaching would be a requirement to graduate high school in all 52 states, after they jam thru statehood for PR & DC. Giving Schumer that long without having to raise 60 votes for cloture would be like giving a 3 year old a machine gun. Your beliefs about McConnell being a “liar and traitor” are just so much BS if the Dems are given a Senate minus a filibuster. That is their goal. Has been since Barry O took office. They thought jamming a few federal judges thru on their “nuclear option” would take them.over their goal, because they didn’t think Mitch had the balls to make it effective for SCOTUS. I go to bed every night thanking McConnell for keeping Garland off the court. Look at his actions as AG. Could you imagine him on SCOTUS with the Wise Latina and Kagen?

      Well, not really, Phil. Only because money that is tied to bills that have been signed into law can only be spent on that law. For example, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (re: WuFlu stimulus bill, that clearly didn’t work) can only be spent on the items–and in the amounts–specified in that law. Laws, as I understand it, are considered “mandatory spending” (like Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and their money can’t be shuffled around like discretionary spending can be.

      There are ways around it, declaring a national emergency, as an example, as Trump did to move money out of the Pentagon and to the wall, but that’s risky politics and Democrats are not on solid ground and have very little, and it’s dwindling by the day, political capital to spend (tiny majorities in both House of Congress and an incredibly unpopular prez and VP). Besides, I think the Pentagon money Trump moved was discretionary, not mandatory (i.e. tied to a law), but I’d have to look it up, and it’s getting late here. 🙂 You get the idea, though.

      And on another point, we don’t and didn’t “have” the $500 billion, either. We’re talking debt limit here, how much we can borrow. Or print. It’s all way too much for my tastes, but then I am the one who wants to take a freaking lawn mower to the budget and eliminate entire departments (starting with the Dept. of Education) and long lists of alphabet agencies. That’s so 2009, I know, but what can I say. I’m a Tea Party Hobbit at heart.

Fuzzy – total agree.

When I first read Mitch “caved”, I was disappointed. Then I read all that happened is the deadline has been pushed back. That’s not caving… it’s a delay and a pause. The same battle has to be fought.

Your article makes a lot of sense in answering “why delay”. Even helps explain Manchin’s reaction . He knows this isn’t over and Shumer is making it harder for Manchin to find bilateral traction.

I’ll take 22 thumbs down when I say this – good move Mitch.

There are a number of factors that should be considered here.

1. McConnell is an excellent strategist. That’s true.
2. McConnell is NOT on our side. He’s on Mitch McConnell’s side. The belief that he is as corrupt as Biden is not unfounded. distrusting him is reasonable.
3. Schumer is an old man. His mental capacity has not declined as far as Biden’s but it HAS declined. (This does not appear to be true of McConnell, at least so far). So it’s possible that his tantrum was just that. An old man whose mouth ran far ahead of his mental processes. In the process, he alienated everyone, which is fine. Call that an own goal.
4. What this is all about is reconciliation. The Republicans want to force the democrats to use it for something actually budget related. That will take it off the table for the super massive spending bill. The radical left that runs the party is just as determined to keep that from happening, at least until they are sure they can dump the filibuster and pass the thing anyway.
5. The extreme left in the senate will happily allow a default and blame everyone else but themselves.

What’s going on in the senate right now is deadly serious brinksmanship. I’m as surprised as anyone at the thought that Mitchy won this round, but it sort of looks like he did. The game, however, is still afoot. December is going to be … interesting.

This is not complicated. We as a nation are now 30 trillion dollars is debt There is no more room for more debt.

On top of this, as the Marxist party tells it, We need to lift the credit limit on our credit card, so that they can spend 5 trillion dollars, which won’t end up on the credit card, because they hope someone else who will not make the payments, will make the payments

But the purchase will never show up on the credit card statement.

I vomit at the mental gymnastics these lunatics need to even stay for 1 minute sane

Chinese Communist Party influence….on both sides.

I cannot abide Chuck U.
His voice grates on my last nerve.

I apologize to the owners of this web site, but I would like to take the opportunity to tell our entire political class.


That will be my last post here or anywhere else on the internet.


Just to make sure it’s understood.

Be good all.

If Chuck Schumer dropped dead tomorrow, not one tear would I shed.

How is not being able to add even more debt have to do with default? Debt service and priority spending still is lower than the intake, is it not?
Does “default” now mean “we Democrats are not able to make even more debt to finance our boondoggles and pet projects”?

    felixrigidus in reply to felixrigidus. | October 9, 2021 at 6:22 am

    *Sigh* – “What does not being able…”

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to felixrigidus. | October 9, 2021 at 11:39 am

    How is not being able to add even more debt have to do with default?

    The federal government must borrow the money to make their scheduled loan/debt payments. If they hit the alleged “debt limit” they cannot borrow that money and therefore cannot make the required loan/debt payments and the federal government is in default of their loans.

    Debt service and priority spending still is lower than the intake, is it not?

    No, debt is now 125.45397% of GDP ( 25% more than the value of everything produced in the United States in a year) and spending outstrips income on a yearly basis and the feds have to borrow money to cover the difference and that’s why we have the federal debt.

    Does “default” now mean “we Democrats are not able to make even more debt to finance our boondoggles and pet projects”?

    Yes, the only thing allegedly keeping the democrats from huge amounts of debt spending is the specter of a government “default”. But as we’ve seen it doesn’t really stop them from trying or getting what they want.

Ty Fuzzy, I really appreciated yor insight. So much of what is going on is lost in the weeds (for me), and you have a way of weed whacking.

The Democrats are driving us towards the fiscal cliff at 80 mph, but the Republicans want us to thank them for driving us towards the same fiscal cliff at only 35 mph.

America loses either way.

    henrybowman in reply to MAJack. | October 9, 2021 at 10:07 am

    A Republican with McConnell at the helm of his political party feels about as secure as a virgin with Lot at the head of her family.


That’s a very good analysis. McConnell is a clever guy who knows how and when to use the levers of parliamentary quirks to his advantage. That’s the key thing about McConnell; he does things on his terms when the increase or preserve his power.

McConnell is a r and generally works to advance r ideas and legislation…. until he doesn’t. Here his actions did exactly what you described. They kick the can to Dec and remove the ‘crisis’ element from the d/prog narrative. This forces the d/prog to either use the legislative calendar on a time consuming reconciliation process to pass another debt ceiling bill or continue to shove far left ideological nominees down our throat.

The key here is why McConnell acted. IMO, it’s because he feared the loss of a very important tool, the filibuster. The loss of which severely reduces his ability to impact legislation and force some level of accommodation from the majority. He didn’t do it because he wanted to retain the filibuster for r, he did it to preserve his own personal authority.

    The_Mew_Cat in reply to CommoChief. | October 10, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    The Turtle is also playing a delay and kick the can game. He (and Chucko) know what Biden’s true condition is – but the public doesn’t. The Turtle is hoping if he can delay and kick the can long enough, Biden will die and the Senate will be 50-50 with no tiebreaker at all.

    I am convinced that McConnell waited until Dec 12 to recognize Biden’s win because he was hoping that Biden would die before the electors voted. So was I. Obviously that didn’t happen, but everything now depends on how long Biden can last and how long McConnell can stop the Rats from running the ball into the endzone.

Bucky Barkingham | October 9, 2021 at 11:45 am

The take away from this story is that Chuckie knows that he can rely on the Roll-Over Party Senators to do just that after they have the opportunity to preen for the cameras for consumption back home. It’s obvious that he holds them in as much contempt as we do.

    CommoChief in reply to Bucky Barkingham. | October 9, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    Can he? McConnell very publicly released a letter to Schumer that makes clear that d/prog should not expect any future assistance on this. I don’t particularly care for McConnell but in this instance he has every incentive to follow through and refuse further cooperation.

    McConnell’s action has given the d/prog the rope to hang themselves. There is no ‘crisis’ now, no overhang of a potential default. The d/prog have been given plenty of time to conclude the process of using reconciliation to raise the dent ceiling with exclusively d/prog votes; if they can. The d/prog have their internal divisions and it is wise step back to allow our opponents to squabble among themselves.

      Yep, Chief, this letter was a big deal because he’s saying “this far, and no further.” He gave them months to resolve their budget issues and gave Manchin an out.

      They can’t use reconciliation more than once a year . . . unless the filibuster is blown up. Which, for now, it is not. Thanks to Mitch.

Comanche Voter | October 9, 2021 at 1:10 pm

Ah Chuck You! He is a graceless shmuck.

    The_Mew_Cat in reply to Comanche Voter. | October 10, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    Chucko only cares about next year’s primary against AOC. He could care less about anything else. If he doesn’t deliver the BBB bill, he is gone.

      What? If what you say about a “uniparty” were even REMOTELY true, we would be living in the 1930’s Soviet Union. Do you have any idea how crazy this mewling is? If there is this “uniparty,” why isn’t uniparty rule supreme? Why are moderate Dems holding up the dream? Why are uniparty Republicans “obstructing” the new normal?

      If Republicans were in on some anti-American coup, why didn’t they collude for it . .. freaking ever? I get that they don’t fight like Trump (who does?!), but this uniparty nonsense is the single-most destructive BS the commies ever instilled in our side (and they did, of course).

      Would a “uniparty” fight TRILLIONS in spending for a BS Bernie boondoggle? Well? Answer that. I know I won’t change the “uniparty” freaks’ minds, but there is ZERO evidence of that. Less than zero. Stop being useful idiots for the left, who fuel this division and stoke this crazy on purpose.

      Think. If the GOP was really what you say, why are they fighting elimination of the filibuster, truly doing what they can to reject another $3.5 trilion in Bernie boondoggle spending? Wouldn’t’they just pile on if they were what you say? Look, I get being upset and unhappy, even angry, I’m all of those things, but clear your mind. LOOK at what is actually happening and why. It’s not hard.