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Welcome Back Carter Week at Legal Insurrection

Welcome Back Carter Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

We’re barely three months into Biden’s presidency and it’s suddenly the 1970s again. We’ve got gas lines.

Economic problems.

And unrest in the Middle East.

Strategic brilliance.

This is the politicization of justice.


Good riddance.

She will be an improvement.


This was good news.

There are no consequences for the media.

Progressive paradise.

Hollywood is dying a slow death.

How could someone do this?

Shame on Canada.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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If they would just invent a car that ran on government bullshit, we wouldn’t have this problem

This what happens when someone who has been in DC for 47 yrs becomes president. He longs for the good ol’ days. Lines at the gas station & Jim Crow mentality.

Hunter got the pipeline restarted just as soon as Colonial agreed to kick back ten percent to the Big Guy.

it would appear that the majority of the readers/commenters here don’t get the “welcome back Carter” reference in all it’s glory.

as a sweat hog, i member being stuck on a bus, coming home from high school., and taking forever and a day to get past a gas station because of everyone lined up to get gas on an odd or even day.

that’s why, to this day, my vehicles are always registered as “commercial”, despite the extra cost. i’m surprised Gruesome Newsom didn’t restrict gas sales last year, just to enforce his draconian, and illegal, stay at home mandate.