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Branco Cartoon – Does Not Compute

Branco Cartoon – Does Not Compute

Voting with their feet

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Absolutely perfect cartoon. The idea could not be captured better. This should go viral (if that’s allowed!).


Those darn white people oppress everyone with all the opportunities they enable – let’s call them “Enablers” since we love semantic games.

These Enablers have enabled the greatest economic value in the history of the world. How dare they? The Enablers have systemically have enabled there to be more Black millionaires in the USA than in all of Africa – How dare they? In fact, they force us to riot and burn because they have created so much opportunity that a few have become super rich in the process. We cannot allow massive success in a system of opportunity created by Enablers.. And the immigrant crisis is the fault of these Enablers. If they had not created so much opportunity – millions would not be trying to get into the USA.

Yeah, we better get rid of all those Enablers. In fact, we need a program that forces those Enablers to admit to their sins of creating systemic opportunity for all. Let’s call the program “CRT”.

Actually, here’s a better plan – let’s make these Enablers feel guilty about all the opportunity they create and then subvert and replace them before they wake up and realize what we’re doing,

JustShootMeNow | May 11, 2021 at 8:24 am

Perhaps we could start an immigration program that allows immigrants to swap places with the Malcontents. I much rather have people here that want to be here