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Joe Biden has reportedly chosen Ron Klain to be his chief of staff. Klain is already claiming that the Biden team is inheriting a "huge mess" from the Trump administration on the COVID vaccine. That's rich considering the fact that we probably wouldn't even have a COVID vaccine now without the efforts of the Trump administration.

The United Nations Secretary-General has told world leaders to declare a climate emergency. "I call on all leaders worldwide to declare a State of Climate Emergency in their countries until carbon neutrality is reached," UN chief Antonio Guterres said on Saturday at a summit marking the fifth anniversary of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Joe Biden's pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas, who held a lower position at DHS under Obama. While the media is swooning over this choice, they're leaving out an important part of Mayorkas's record. In 2013, Mayorkas was embroiled in a scandal that involved the alleged sale of a U.S. visa to a Chinese executive for the sake of Hillary Clinton's brother.

When it comes to Joe Biden's eventual running mate, Kamala Harris has drawn the most speculation from pundits, but former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice is a very real possibility. With two former members of the Obama administration on the ticket, this would definitely be like a third term for Obama.