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Key Biden Transition Team Positions Go To Facebook and Google Execs

Key Biden Transition Team Positions Go To Facebook and Google Execs

“A major fight over the next 4 years will be over who is and is not allowed to be heard on the internet, and who wields the power to police discourse”

Throughout the Obama-Biden reign and especially as it came to a close, Obama administration officials flooded into Silicon Valley, taking top jobs at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and other Big Tech entities.  Now Biden is tapping the Obama admin-Silicon Valley revolving door for top spots in his administration.

The cozy relationship and revolving door between the Obama-Biden admin and Big Tech was well-documented.  Here’s just a sampling:

  • CNN: Obama’s staff is taking over Silicon Valley
  • Politico: Obama-Google connection scares competitors
  • Breitbart: Facebook Has Dozens of Ex-Obama and Ex-Hillary Staffers in Senior Positions
  • NY Mag’s Intelligencer: For Ex-Obama Officials, the Revolving Door Swings Open to Silicon Valley
  • The Intercept: The Android Administration: Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts

Obama-Biden admin alums swarmed into Silicon Valley, and now Biden is turning to Big Tech to fill key roles in his transition landing teams and in his administration.

It’s no accident that the Democrat/Media/Big Tech axis is working overtime to suppress news, opinion, viewpoints that don’t toe the Democrat line and socialist/communist agenda. They are, after all, going to be richly rewarded. Banana republic style.

Some of the wokesters are quitting their jobs in protest that Facebook is not sufficiently suppressing any and all dissent—including mainstream right-wing platforms—as anti-democracy “hate speech.”

None of this bodes well for the right, center-right, conservatives or anyone else who is skeptical about the radical left’s plan to remake America and “build back better” while silencing anyone who dares challenge—or even question—these disastrous  unAmerican policies.

If you haven’t already, start preparing now for the great decoupling.


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The iron curtain of fascism is closing on us, and closing quick.

We’re allowing a Trojan Horse to be wheeled into the White House.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, et al, yes. And, of course, Google/YouTube/etc. under the umbrella corporation Alphabet.

#SteerTheVote #BallotsFromTheLivingDead #SpontaneousConception #CivilWrongs #WickedSolution

Wow it’s almost like they’re ALREADY a part of the Democrat party and are just using the BuT wE’rE tOtAlLy JuSt A pRiVaTe CoMpAnY bullshit to keep the RINOs placated.

Break them up! Shame them for not sharing their windfalls reaped in a pandemic. Blast them for their censorship and manipulation. Expose them for their corrupt cooperation with Democrats, as shown here. This should be the mantra.

So how do I stop my money from going to these companies? Given his wealthy they are, I think there’s more things I need to worry about than I realized. Obviously step two is convincing other people to do the same, but I still need to figure out where all the leaks are first.

Facebook account is gone. Instagram is tougher since it is nice to be able to keep track of friends a little and it had less ads and less annoying messages from people. I try to avoid clicking ads, but if I open a browser and go to the same site they probably know?

Duckduckgo is my default search engine but sometimes it’s subpar and I switch to Google for a search. Google maps is king and another tough one.

I need to be done with Google phones, probably my biggest leak. Switch to apple I guess since at least they seem to have made a decent commitment to privacy? I doubt there’s any real way to win here

Gmail I’ll save for last but maybe I should experiment with a new provider and just forwarding things from Gmail.

I very rarely use twitter. Need to get on parler to support people making that move.

Youtube is another difficult one. Hard to avoid as many places only put their content on there.

What am I missing?

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to trickortreat. | December 13, 2020 at 11:26 am

    Regarding Adenoid Android phones: some are far more invasive than others. In my experience, Samsung is far and away the worst offender when it comes to “try me” and “have you signed up for… junk, mostly centered around Samsung themselves. I have an inexpensive but quite decent Motorola one called “Motorola Fast”. I have it for a special purpose. I bought it, unlocked, from Amazon. Virtually NO junkware, a nice interface, and no “try me”s.

    Irony of ironies, Google’s own line of Pixel mobile phones seem to be among the LEAST-annoying on the market; this includes the ones provided by carriers.

    My everyday mobile is an Apple. NO annoyances at all.

      Annoyances like those are only one of the factors to consider. Who is profiting from your purchases is another, and probably more important.

      Most of all, we should ask ourselves if we really need these things. I don’t have a smartphone, for example, only an old-style flip-phone. (I kept my landline until last year, when I finally disconnected it because the phone company had jacked up the rates to obscene levels. Saved $50/mo by going to the cheapest cellular service I could find.)

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to trickortreat. | December 13, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Proton Email

    And Rumble videos.

People communicated before tech, we will have to again

The great decoupling would be a lot easier if some trustworthy site (hint, hint) published a list of trustworthy web hosts and so forth.

So where are the editorials from major newspapers bemoaning the lack of government experience in these new hires? Oh, forgot. (D)

    CorkyAgain in reply to georgfelis. | December 13, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    These are refugees from the Obama administration returning to their natural home, where they can suck off the public teat and indulge their predeliction for telling others what to do.

    I.e., the problem is that they do have government experience.

I took a week off from watching all news this past week. So besides wow on the giant shit storm of near civil war I learned something else.

For lack of other content- I started watching Jordan Peterson stuff for some grounded views on humanity and for the lighter side, movie reviews by Critical Drinker who has a very accurate and intelligent take on most of the movies and other content produced in the last decade. Upon delving further down that rabbit hole- and I learned I have greatly underestimated how much these people hate us and how evil their intentions truly are. All the woke business you see in movies is the tip of the iceburg.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND critical drinkers channel. He’s one of us.

“They are, after all, going to be richly rewarded. Banana republic style.”

Of course, with that also comes the risk of being richly rewarded by the resistance, banana republic-style.

Leftist know how to reward their friends.
Greatly fear deplatforming is going to happen in attempt to cut down conservative information. Termed “hate speach” is the rage in Europe.

Biden is not the President anymore than I am the owner of a car that I steal.

Perhaps there is a reason that the Dems want us to surrender to crime? The pattern is there.

He’s just going to make the swamp more abvious.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 13, 2020 at 6:54 pm


Obama AG Eric Holder and George Soros Were Behind Trump Hating Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet’s Election Win in 2018

Gateway Pundit

How many of Bidens cabinet and employees are on the list of CCP workers?

So with this article are you saying it’s over, we have no chance to stop this?

Is it just me that thinks so or does every picture of Biden speaking look like an infant crying?