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As we noted yesterday, the leftstream media is busily trying to spin the Obama FBI's spying on the Trump campaign. Today, President Trump has announced that his will formally demand that his DOJ investigate "whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!"

Since President Trump's election, we've seen remarkable ideological turnarounds from the left.  Suddenly, communist Russia is the enemy rather than a model for the perfect society ala Bernie's decades-long admiration, the First Amendment is now of some import in protecting free speech (theirs and no one else's), and the unrestrained spending of the federal government is now a problem. These are the same people who have said nothing about Obama nearly doubling our national debt, who cue up to sing the praises of Bernie's Russia-inspired budget-busting lunacy regarding free college and Medicare for all, and who shrug and note that a few million taxpayer dollars used to train for a zombie apocalypse is merely a drop in the bucket of the federal budget.

The last time that we checked on the National Endowment for the Arts, the progressives were clutching their pearls over President Donald Trump's threat to drain this particular pond of the government swamp. Yet, the agency still exists...and just gave a fairly substantial grant to The Public Theater of New York, which just concluded its run of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar featuring the assassination of a Trump-like character.  Here is an entry from the list of 2017 grants:

An estimated 6.7 to 9.2 million Americans who voted for Obama switched to Trump in 2016, and the Democrats have no true understanding of why that happened.  They have largely avoided serious introspection about their loss last November, let alone about the massive losses they accrued during Obama's two terms in office. The result is Party-wide confusion and incomprehension that has manifested as seething anger, lashing out at anyone and everyone, and plowing forward with an agenda that the majority of the American people simply do not want. The New York Times has a dense and richly-sourced article that highlights some key problems for Democrats moving forward.  Here are a few highlights: Busting the narrative that Trump voters who formerly voted for Democrats were mostly white, working class.

Under Eric Holder, the DOJ established a scheme by which the Executive could bypass Congress' power of the purse and funnel money to Obama's political allies. Companies targeted by the DOJ would agree to settlements, and part of the financial settlement was then ordered to be paid to left-wing interest groups such as La Raza. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a put a stop to this "slush fund." Writing in 2015, the Wall Street Journal explained the slush fund scheme.
Republicans talk often about using the “power of the purse” to rein in a lawless Obama administration. If they mean it, they ought to use their year-end spending bill to stop a textbook case of outrageous executive overreach.

A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court ruling was declassified and released this week. The ruling reveals that the Obama administration engaged in widespread violation of NSA surveillance rules. The Obama administration was reprimanded by the FISA court for illegal searches that constitute "very serious Fourth Amendment issue.” According to previously classified documents, this admission of methodical and long-term violations of Americans' Constitutional rights was made on October 26th of 2016.
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