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Everyone has been focused for the past two days on the story in The Atlantic, attributed to anonymous sources, about things Trump supposedly said about troops two years ago, something so far that every person who has gone on record has denied. While you were focused on that Crisis News Cycle, Trump took a step the implications of which could be devastating over time to the peddlers of racial conflict under the academic construct of Critical Race Theory.

Severe TDS-sufferer Jennifer Rubin tried to argue that President Donald Trump's inaction on the Wuhan coronavirus led to the death of thousands of Americans and basically destroyed the country. Thankfully, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) came in with a cool head and tweeted out the much-needed facts when it comes to Trump's response to the Wuhan coronavirus.

It's not exactly breaking news that Joe Biden has been gaffe-prone for most of his political life. It's also not new news Biden tends to fabricate or embellish stories about himself while on the campaign trail to impress crowds. Just this month alone, he's committed so many blunders and misstatements that most of us have lost count. Thanks to The Washington Post engaging in some actual journalism for a change, we can add "making up war stories that never happened" to the list.