Joe Biden has always been the king of gaffes, but on Friday he managed to surprise even seasoned political junkies who have been following this stuff for years.

During an interview with ‘Charlamagne Tha God,’ Biden said “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

If you missed it, here’s the clip:

Biden adviser Symone Sanders tried to spin it as an attempt at humor:

So did the Washington Post:

Biden has since apologized:

Too late. The damage is done.

The comments sparked a huge reaction on social media. Here are some noteworthy reactions from Twitter.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina:

Deneen Borelli:

Robby Soave of Reason:

Candace Owens:

Black Voices for Trump:

Actor James Woods:

Conservative Twitter rascal Comfortably Smug:

The Babylon Bee:

This was quick:

The meme treatment:

Harris Faulkner of FOX News offered some amazing commentary after Marie Harf (formerly of the Obama administration) tried to spin it for Joe:


My own two cents:

Do you think anyone in the media will ask Obama for a reaction?


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