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It's like clockwork.  When a prominent Democrat lands themselves in hot water, the Washington Post oftentimes publishes puff pieces or fact checks defending them. They did it with Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran over her infanticide bill and with Gov. Ralph Northam's defense of it. Now they're doing it with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5), who recently noted that 9/11 was perpetrated when "some people did something."

Saturday Night Live used to be funny.  Remember Roseanne Roseannadanna or Chevy Chase being politically incorrect on Weekend Update and the catchphrases that permeated our culture:  "Jane, you ignorant slut," "You look mahvelous," and "could it be . . . Satan?"? SNL is no longer funny.  Case in point, this week they mocked Navy SEAL veteran Dan Crenshaw, a Republican congressional candidate who lost an eye in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

If you need a case study in campaign desperation, I've got one for you. In the race for Texas' 2nd Congressional District (encompassing much of north and west Houston, Kingwood too), soon to be vacated by the long-serving and retiring Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. Kevin Roberts has gotten downright nasty toward his Republican runoff opponent, former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw.

We wrote recently how BDS is a settler-colonial ideology, in that it invades, conquers, and subjugates other movements to advance anti-Israel actvism. There are few instances where this is more apparent than Dream Defenders, one of the key groups in the Black Lives Matter movement. Dream Defenders was initially formed to protest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in Florida, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Yet, following the pattern of many organizations who organize under the ideology of 'intersectionality', Dream Defenders has transformed itself from an organization fighting for a change in the criminal laws of the state of Florida, into one which is identified with the bizarre attempt to link Black Lives Matter to the Palestinian cause. The struggle to protect young black men in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S. from allegedly unlawful police violence apparently also involves 'liberating' Palestine, i.e. the destruction of the state of Israel, and bizarre crushes on terrorist organizations like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. How? Why? What is the connection? Everything's connected, say advocates of intersectionality.

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has gone from bad to worse following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen Saturday afternoon. Protests and riots persist, cops dressed in full riot gear are working to curb the violence, community leaders are encouraging peaceful protests, and there's still no clear picture of what actually transpired Saturday when Michael Brown was shot and killed. There appear to be conflicting reports from law enforcement and supposed eye witnesses regarding what actually happened. Law enforcement claim Brown assaulted the cop that took his life. Dorin Johnson who claims he was with Brown at the time he was shot has a very different story. Johnson says he and Brown were minding their own business when a cop rolled up, told them to get on the sidewalk, then proceeded to assault Brown and eventually kill him. Johnson's story seems to corroborate with another supposed eye witness, Piaget Crenshaw. Even more curious is that Johnson claims he, by way of his attorney, has reached out to local law enforcement to provide his account of the story, and Ferguson police are refusing to interview him. Chris Hayes interviewed Johnson and has a great summation of the various accounts: