Hillary Clinton is a bitter woman, to put it mildly. Put aside her relationship problems.

Politically, Hillary saw herself as destined for the presidency.


That life ambition came crashing down on election night 2016, when the deplorables somehow managed to elect Donald Trump. She couldn’t even bring herself to give a concession speech or appear in front of her forlorn supporters.

I have watched various versions of this video a gazillion times. I can’t get enough.

No matter what form of pestilence ravages the land, we’ll still have that night.

So we are not beneath mocking Hillary’s defeat. Or liberals. That’s politics.

Hillary, though, seeks to exploit the nation’s misfortune with the Wuhan coronavirus to try to dunk on Trump. Taking joy in a mass-infection and -death event in your own country so you could issue a snarky tweet is not politics, that’s a bad person.

Hillary tweeted, referencing an NY Times report that the U.S. has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases:

He did promise “America First.”


Put aside the misleading math. The U.S. may have the highest number of confirmed cases, but that’s only if you believe China’s phony numbers, where the spread supposedly stopped cold weeks ago; no one actually believes that. When you compare the per capita number of cases and deaths, we’re actually doing well compared to nations in Europe.

But that’s math.

Hillary’s tweet wasn’t about math. It about her personality defect. And uncontrollable bitterness.


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