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The Biden Scandal Deepens Week at Legal Insurrection

The Biden Scandal Deepens Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The Biden family business scandal went from bad to worse for Joe this week.

This looks so shady.

Naturally, it came up in the last debate.

This was damaging.

So was this.

The media is doing everything it can to cover for Joe and his party.

Because of course…

Is Joe cracking under the pressure?

Trump continues to make history.

This the American left.

Is she for real?

We know.

How awkward…

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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ScottTheEngineer | October 25, 2020 at 9:17 am

Chinese dissidents in Taiwan just dropped about 12 hunter Biden sex tapes last night.
They’re pretty explicit. they’re at
Not recommending you watch them just be aware they exist and its real.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to ScottTheEngineer. | October 25, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Too late. With all of the postal and early voting, I doubt the news will change any minds.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | October 25, 2020 at 4:52 pm

      WHO KNEW?

      (I saw a comment last week that LOTS of people were changing their votes.)

      Will Hunt Eric

      Many people are retracting their vote following the revelations of Pedo Joe’s corruption during the last debate. During early voting retracting your vote and recasting another ballot is allowed.


      J A Apache Will Hunt
      an hour ago
      Wow. Can you cite some links for this? Great point, if true. I didn’t know this was possible


      juswonderin J A Apache
      an hour ago
      In Arkansas, voters can resubmit absentee ballots up to two times.

      Connecticut voters may withdraw previously submitted absentee ballots from their town clerks until 5 p.m. on the Friday before Election Day.

      Voters can “then either vote in person in a polling place or fill out a new application for an absentee ballot,” a Connecticut election official told Fox News.

      Voters in Delaware can contact their county elections office if they wish to make a change to their submitted absentee ballots.

      “If a voter has already returned their voted absentee or vote-by-mail ballot, and then wish to make a change, the voter should contact their county elections office as soon as possible to determine if this will be feasible,” a spokesperson for State Election Commissioner Anthony Albence said.

      In Michigan, voters wishing to change their mail-in ballots must submit written requests to their city or town clerks.

      In Minnesota, voters can change their absentee votes as long as they do so at least 14 days prior to Election Day.

      “You can ask to cancel your ballot until the close of business two weeks before Election Day,” the state’s website reads. “After that time, you cannot cancel your ballot. To cancel your ballot, contact the election office that sent your ballot. Your options are to have a new ballot mailed; vote in person at your local election office; or vote at your polling place on Election Day.”

      Wisconsin voters can resubmit mail-in ballots if they do so on time.

      “If you need a new ballot, contact your municipal clerk as soon as possible. If there’s enough time, your clerk can cancel your original ballot and give you a new one,” the state’s website reads. “Depending on how close you are to Oct. 29 — the legal deadline for requesting absentee ballots by mail — you might need to get your new ballot in person.”

      New Hampshire
      The process is a bit trickier in New Hampshire, where those who voted by mail can vote again if they show up to a polling place within the first hour it’s open or before their absentee ballots are processed.

      Other states allow residents to withdraw their mail-in ballots and vote in-person on Election Day, including Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. Some of these states require voters to sign an affidavit canceling their absentee ballots before voting in person.

      Voters in most states can also receive new ballots if they have incorrectly filled out their first ballots so as long as they have not been submitted and they contact their local election clerks on time.

      One other person is typing…

      kejotu juswonderin
      41 minutes ago
      I had no idea! Thanks for this.


Do we know for a fact that the “big guy” is Biden and not Jugears?!

Ashley Biden’s diary being released – saying daddy Joe showered with her inappropriately and she thinks she was molested – won’t help old Gropey out much either.

I am pretty sure Hunter had a security detail when he was in China.
Doesn’t that make you wonder?

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 25, 2020 at 4:48 pm

Rut Roh.

Twitter in Trouble for Hiding Sex Scandal…..


Chinese digital media company has published footage showing a man who looks identical to Hunter Biden engaging in a sex fetish act with an unidentifiable woman (along with a photo purporting to show what appears to be the same man engaging in sex with a Ukrainian prostitute). But instead of allowing discussion and links to the video to circulate, Twitter has scrubbed all links and photos related to the video and story, and is suspending accounts that appear to be trying to spread the video or screenshots from the footage.

Some background: Late Saturday afternoon, a mysterious link surfaced on Reddit purporting to be the vaunted Hunter Biden sex tape – or at least, one of the Hunter Biden sex tapes (whispers about more footage have so far gone unsubstantiated).

In it, a naked Hunter Biden can be seen, smoking crack, and laying with an unidentified woman, possibly a prostitute. The woman’s face is blurred out, making it impossible to tell whether or not she appeared to be underage.

The video itself was posted by a news site purporting to be an anti-CCP intelligence operation called G-TV, which is also tied to Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire dissident who is close to Steve Bannon (Bannon was reportedly arrested after a visit on Guo’s yacht in Connecticut).

Interested parties can find the video here.

Footage of the sex act is preceded by footage of Guo Wengui at the national press club raging over a Chinese takeover of the US, “9/11 times a thousand,” he says, before transitioning to a screed slamming Western politicians who collaborate with the CCP, and warning about the dangers of American kleptocrats falling sway to CCP “influence” (blackmail etc).

During the opening minutes if the video, Hunter can be heard complimenting the woman on her technique. “That’s so professional,” Hunter exclaims. “You can’t even find that on there,” he laughs as he gestures toward something off camera.

A few minutes in, the man who is allegedly Hunter Biden can be seen firing up a crack pipe.

The reaction on Twitter was swift. Users who tried to share the link and photos were quickly blocked (even though Twitter famously allows porn and nudity)……