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Chelsea Handler ‘reminds’ 50 Cent that he is “a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump’

Chelsea Handler ‘reminds’ 50 Cent that he is “a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump’

Tells her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent that “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about,” if he backs down

Loudmouth Democrat supporter Chelsea Handler lashed out at her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent because he has the audacity to want to keep his hard-earned money instead of handing a ton of it to the IRS.

50 Cent urged his fans and followers to vote for President Donald Trump after he learned he would have to pay around 62% in taxes:

He posted a photo from what looked like a CNBC broadcast, citing studies stating that under the plan, high earners in New York City could face combined federal and state tax rates of 62 percent.


He added: “The KNICKS never win anyway.”

50 Cent then wrote: “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% are you out of ya f–ing mind.”

I’ve seen in the past that 50 Cent is a Republican, but he did not endorse Trump in 2016.

Handler told 50 Cent that he is no longer her favorite ex-boyfriend.

Handler bragged on The Tonight Show that she had to remind 50 Cent that he is a “Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

From Fox News:

Handler insisted the 62 percent tax hike “isn’t a plan” under Joe Biden, calling it a “lie” during her interview with “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

“So he doesn’t want to pay 62 percent in taxes because he doesn’t want to go from ’50 Cent’ to ’20 Cent’ and I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook,“ Handler said.

GOD FORBID someone wants to keep the money they earned through hard work and ambition. It is not selfish to want to keep your money.

Handler even offered to pay 50 Cent’s taxes if he didn’t support Trump.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


She’s a dumbbell, trying to feel important.
A classic smugnoramus.

Btw: her ‘comedy’ is boring.

Conservative Beaner | October 24, 2020 at 7:04 pm

50 Cent,
If Chelsea is your ex then I hope your standards have improved.

Chelsea handler should remind herself that she’s a racist, White supremacist.

” @50cent’s ex-girlfriend, @ChelseaHandler, scolded him: “I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

What makes her think any black person needs to be reminded he’s black? That is incredible arrogance.

and that recurring rash heals IYKWIMAITYD

Handler tells ex-boyfriend 50 Cent, “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about.”

50 Cent reportedly replied, “I’m not looking for a high mileage used vehicle.”

    And the chassis is in bad shape

      Ridden hard and put away wet. Used to only apply to saddles.

        Arminius in reply to MajorWood. | October 26, 2020 at 3:38 am

        Actually the saying was about horses. Horses work up a sweat when they’re ridden (worked) hard. You need to groom them at the beginning of the work day, and especially after you work them. You need to remove the tack, which will dry on its own, let the horse cool down, then groom the horse for a variety of reasons. The hair on a sweaty horse will mat if you don’t dry it off, plus will attract dirt, whatever debris it or other horses stir up in the stable at night, and the next morning if you’re going to ride or work the horse again will be attracting flies. So will your tack if you keep saddling a dirty horse. The dirt and dried sweat will cause the horse’s skin to chafe sooner than you think.

        When you groom the horse it not only gets rid of the sweat and dirt it will dry faster and you’ll stimulate the horse’s skin to produce oils that keep its skin healthy and its coat sleek and glossy. If you overworked the horse it may start to get lame. When you groom it before putting it up at the end of the day you’ll have a chance to check out its condition (and again in the morning if you’re doing your job). Plus it’ll help you and the horse develop a bond.

        But your point still stands. Chelsea Handler looks like an abused horse. She no doubt attracts flies. And has undetected ailments because her riders don’t bother to check before locking her in her stable when they’re done with her. And the fact that 50 Cent is dissing her tells you how much they bonded. And according to Handler he’s her favorite ex-boyfriend.

        Imagine how much less of a bond her other riders ever had with her.

        Arminius in reply to MajorWood. | October 26, 2020 at 4:04 am

        More similarities between Chelsea Handler and horses that are consistently ridden hard and put away wet:

        Develops resentment toward its rider? Check!

        Develops a bad attitude and a bad temperament? Check!

        Declines physically? Check!

        Physical deterioration of the riding animal becomes obvious; impacting the resale value to potential follow-on buyers, eventually rendering the animal worthless and can only be sold to a slaughterhouse to be converted into dog food or glue? Check!

        The term for a worthless horse or one of low quality is “nag.” Is Chelsea Handler a nag? Clearly!

    henrybowman in reply to UserP. | October 25, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Decisions, decisions. Another spin from Chelsea Handler, or French Affection from Madonna?
    I’d vote for Trump twice to evade both.

2smartforlibs | October 24, 2020 at 7:25 pm

Doesn’t she have someone to do something on her face?

“KNOW YOUR PLACE!” said the white woman to the black man.

So she is offering to bribe him for his vote with sex. That is illegal.

Frankly, I doubt 50 Cent would take her up on that. No telling how many rides she has had since her last spin with the man.

Why are the left so hung up on sex for cheap?

    henrybowman in reply to oldgoat36. | October 25, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Cheap? It’s for 62% of his income. For that, he could definitely contract for somebody who looks and performs way better than Chelsea Handler.

2 McGehee | October 24, 2020 at 7:37 pm
“KNOW YOUR PLACE!” said the white woman to the black man.

My thoughts exactly. Since when is it ok for Democrat white people to talk condescendingly to black people? She had to
Remind him……ok….I get it….she thinks that because he’s black, he’s too stupid to see the big picture. Oh elitists lefties… least twice or three times as bad as righty elitists.

Remember when Madonna promised blowjobs to everyone who voted for Hillary Clintoon? I wonder if she’s finished yet… I noticed she’s really put on a lot of weight.

    High protein diet?

    olafauer in reply to Paul. | October 25, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Yeah, and don’t forget Nina Burleigh’s offer to Bill Clinton!

      Arminius in reply to olafauer. | October 26, 2020 at 5:24 am

      For leftist women sex is purely transactional. Recall in 2019 that Alyssa Milano claimed on Twitter that she would go on a sex strike, and called on other women to go on a sex strike, to “protest” laws that restrict abortion, particularly those that passed and were signed into law in Georgia that banned abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

      That was just the flip side of the sex trade Nina Burleigh was willing to make with Billy Jeff; she’d put on kneepads just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.

      I recall that Milano got a lot of support. From men and women who were relieved Milano was voluntarily removing herself from the gene pool. And slammed by women who pointed out the obvious; to Milano her body was something to be traded for return favors.

      Overlooking the stupidity of the current age, in which Tampax has a promotion to “celebrate the diversity of people who have periods,” helpfully reminding us that as far as brain-dead leftists are concerned “not all people who have periods are women,” thus forcing me to wonder how a supposedly feminist hotel can possibly be celebrating “female empowerment” by featuring a mural of Ruth Bader Ginsburg made with 20,000 “repurposed” tampons (I don’t want to know) since “men” need tampons, too (I admit they can be useful if you have to plug a gunshot wound). This is a new development in the long sordid history of the stupidity of brain-dead leftists.

      But let’s take a walk down memory lane and reflect on the lingering stupidity of brain-dead leftists with its roots in 1973. Just like the news that only “people with ovaries, a uterus, and a vagina” (gee, if only there was a useful term for for the category of “people with ovaries, a uterus, and a vagina”) have periods, it will come as news that RBG wasn’t a supreme court justice in 1973 when the SCOTUS invented a right to abortion out of thin air. In fact, no women were on the court that decided Roe v. Wade.

      It was nine “old men,” eight white and one black. Leftists claim that Roe v. Wade will be overturned without women such as the “wise Latina” on the court. Not so. All you need are a bunch of lecherous old men who think like Jeff Tubin. All they want is consequence free sex with women like Alyssa Milano. Jeff Toobin, you remember him? He’s the perv who pleasured himself during a leftist fantasy role playing “election simulation.” In other words, standard fare for CNN and New Yorker Magazine. Before becoming famous for “single handedly” turning things around for the airline industry, because he “raised” corporate concerns about the potential hazards of relying on virtual meetings to such extent that air travel can once again offer Zoom “stiff” competition he was famous for something else. He was famous for shtooping the much younger daughter of a colleague, Casey daughter of Jeff Greenfield. And getting her pregnant. And trying to coerce her into an abortion. And telling her that he wouldn’t help her financially if she insisted on having the child. And only paying child support when she sued him and the court forced him to take the paternity test.

      Jeff Toobin, exactly the kind of dirty old man Alyssa Milano or Nina Burleigh can count on to trade his vote for the consequence-free sex that they offer in exchange for keeping abortion legal.


      And tell me again how it’s Amy Coney Barrett who is going to turn the Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian future where rich old men like Jeff Toobin keep women in sexual slavery, from fiction into real life.

What, 50 Cent doesn’t want to become Minus 62 PerCent?

Whitesplaining by a rich white feminist. Again.

Where is Ibram X. Kendi and the rest of the Wokestapo, now that we really need them?

mickshrimpton | October 24, 2020 at 8:06 pm

Who’s Chelsea Handler?

So she is willing to whore herself out if he backs down his support of trump?

YO! Dude, be sure to wear protection or better yet pass on it. That skank gives it up way too easily. You don’t know how many have been spinning her since your brake up.

“I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Shrimp Boats

He can rent a half dozen better than Handler with the money he saves in taxes.

Breaking News: Chelsea “Trump broke me” Handler struggles to stay relevant!

If you want me, kneel. Is she asking him to propose a couple’s union, to ask for her hand in marriage?

Like he needs her used-up … if you know what I mean.

Repeating a joke that was old back when I first heard it, from black men and women in Oakland, about black men who date white women, would no doubt flag me as racist.

I’m dying to tell it. If I was back in an Oakland bar surrounded by the same friends or people like them, I could.

It’s somehow fitting I can’t tell a funny joke because some woke white hag like Chelsea “My name is Karen, AND THAT’S NOT FUNNY!” Handler is lecturing a black guy about what are the approved thoughts and words a black guy is supposed to have and use. Or else he’s not really black.

Tells her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent that “I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about,” if he backs down

Ah the power of the almighty pussy!
Is every woman on earth a harlot?


Lucifer Morningstar | October 25, 2020 at 7:34 am

I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.

You’re right Handler, blacks need to stay on the plantation and shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves but do exactly what democrats tell them to do.

What a disgusting person.

Anacleto Mitraglia | October 25, 2020 at 9:31 am

“I had to remind him that he WAS a Black person”.
Lol. No more black when you vote yourself off the plantation.

He is a “Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

Totally unaware that she, herself, is the racist. This is a hugely racist statement. White person thinking that she has to tell a Black man how he should vote??? This is KKK racist.

SeekingRationalThought | October 25, 2020 at 10:36 am

Mighty white of Chelsea. Perhaps the most racist thing I’ve seen since the 1960’s. Shemp Schumer must be proud.

Nothing like a pasty white woman blacksplaining how to be black to a black man.

I do like how liberals are being transparent in stating what blacks can and cannot do. Especially on voting.

Is she offering a n in-kind donation? If so $2.00 is no big deal.

ScottTheEngineer | October 25, 2020 at 3:19 pm

She just wanted to remind him that his name is Toby.

She may be willing to go for another spin, but 50 cent probably isn’t looking for sloppy 63rds.

Well, I’ll remind you Chelsea, although you falsely pretend to be a Jewess from Livingston, you are a German Nazi like your mother and partie member Grandfather ( Großvater).
You sure act more Nazi than Jew.