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Branco Cartoon – Shooting Gallery

Branco Cartoon – Shooting Gallery


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Media roid rage!

That explains it.

It used to be a slight slant that you could sense but it was difficult to prove to a neutral observer that the media was biased.

Now it’s so blatant and obvious that nobody serious believes in their neutrality anymore

VDH nails it on this very topic. The Left’s Manifest Destiny to win , subjugate and extract revenge.

The Left has direct input on their Cultural Revolution from its original creators.

    Revenge is the word, all right. They’ve been allowed to convince themselves they’re entitled to rule, and been thwarted.

    It’s positively Miltonian.

If we can license guns, motor vehicles, etc, why can’t we license journalists and media companies and subject them to revocation if they abuse the privilege?

    Antifundamentalist in reply to olafauer. | October 20, 2020 at 11:14 am

    The First Amendment is why. If journalism could be censored by government, might as well live in cold war Russia.

This word ‘bias’ is not accurate, any more than a terrorist bomb being called an ‘accident’.

This is pure CORRUPTION. Period.

Steroids? Crack, more likely.