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Report: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Connected to FBI 2019 Money Laundering Probe

Report: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Connected to FBI 2019 Money Laundering Probe

I guess Trump was right that someone needed to investigate the Bidens.

Fox News reported that the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden has a link to an FBI money laundering probe:

The FBI’s subpoena of a laptop and hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late 2019, according to documents obtained by Fox News and verified by multiple federal law enforcement officials who reviewed them.

It is unclear, at this point, whether the investigation is ongoing or if it was directly related to Hunter Biden.

Multiple federal law enforcement officials, as well as two separate government officials, confirmed the authenticity of these documents, which were signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson. Wilson did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Fox News received a document called a “Receipt for Property” FBI form. The Case ID is 272D-BA-3065729.

The document provides information about the FBI’s “interactions with John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of ‘The Mac Shop’ who reported the laptop’s contents to authorities.”

The FBI’s website and other officials said the number 272 is the classification number for money laundering.

272D is “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity]—White Collar Crime Program.”

BA is the FBI Baltimore Field Office. The subpoena came from Wilmington, DE, which sits under the jurisdiction of that office:

Another document, obtained by Fox News, was a subpoena sent to Isaac to testify before U.S. District Court in Delaware on Dec. 9, 2019. One page of the subpoena shows what appears to be serial numbers for a laptop and hard drive taken into possession.

Based on the date of the subpoena, an official told Fox News that the case would have been opened prior to Isaac’s subpoena.

“If a criminal case was opened and subpoenas were issued, that means there is a high likelihood that both the laptop and hard drive contain fruits of criminal activity,” the official said.

The FBI doesn’t open a case for no reason:

“The FBI cannot open a case without predication, so they believed there was predication for criminal activity,” a government official told Fox News. “This means there was sufficient evidence to believe that there was criminal conduct.”

Fox News also has a subpoena the FBI handed Isaac

Professor Jacobson has an excellent point:


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It seems to be raining dirt over at the Bidens…

Given the train wreck Hunter Biden is, I’ve decided I’m only gonna shop in the Gall Store where Jill Biden gets her stuff.

She’s written an amazing book, Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself (2019).

Maybe there’s a special chapter on “Building Hunter?”

The only trouble I see is that the F.B.I. never recommends charges for politicians.
Well, I guess this one is only about a year old…

    John Paul Mac Isaac was wise to make four copies of the drive and send one to former Asst AG Giuliani. Now at least we know that the FBI has their copy and can be held accountable. Otherwise, they may have destroyed the drive already.

Colonel Travis | October 21, 2020 at 10:37 pm

What the Biden have been up to is not even questioned. Nope. They can’t be touched. Hillary can’t be touched. Why Trump must be brought down. Why? It makes no logical sense that any Democrat is ignored, other than they must be protected.

So sick of this BS.

    I share your view. It looks to me that if this had been handled differently, Biden would never have been the candidate. Frankly, I am surprised that there has not been any discussion of that aspect.

    I find the most interesting email to be the one where Hunter appears to tell a daughter that he won’t make her kick back half of what she makes, like he has to with his father. Maybe that is what the “money laundering” is about. The stonewalling by the FBI and the silence of Barr and Wray suggests that they must be very confident Trump will not be re-elected.

      Roozter in reply to jb4. | October 22, 2020 at 1:12 am

      The money-laundering refers to the millions of $$$ that were run through their other ventures. Search – “Here Are The Payments To Hunter Biden, Leaked From Ukraine”

      stablesort in reply to jb4. | October 22, 2020 at 1:25 am

      ” It looks to me that if this had been handled differently, Biden would never have been the candidate.”

      Some cynics would postulate that the Biden family corruption is a vehicle used by the Democrats to control Biden as President. Nobody actually wants Biden as President, but they needed somebody that the suburban moms could rally around to defeat Trump.

      Once Biden won the election, the Democrats would order Biden to resign or else his and Hunter’s corruption would be exposed for the world to see.

      As the corruption was exposed prematurely, the Democrats and media are all hands on deck denying the corruption to protect Biden’s candidacy.

    These days you can blame Barr for protecting the swamp

Well, thank goodness the FBI is on the case! They should have all the evidence safely destroyed in no time. I certainly hope the Justice Dept gets a quantity discount on BleachBit.

[I’m speaking figuratively; BleachBit is free and open-source.]

So is Ace of Spades full of it on the child porn they found on the laptop?

    puhiawa in reply to Andy. | October 22, 2020 at 1:31 am

    Its there. Wray covered it up. Likely Wray, Durham and Barr are in on the cover up and were trying to get Trump impeached.

“The FBI doesn’t open a case for no reason“

The Russia hoax. The murder of Vicki Weaver and over 80 people at Waco burned to death based on phony charges. The illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign by the Obama administration.

‘Nuff said.

So at the same time the House was impeaching Trump for attempting to get information on Hunter Biden’s corrupt actions, the FBI was investigating Hunter Biden’s corrupt actions.

Totally rude & inappropriate…
for anyone other than JB 😉
You are too generous. I hope it wasn’t worth it & the retribution lasts the rest of his miserable life.

Wray and Barr have a lot to answer for. A lot.
I suspect both are corrupt to their very core.

“The FBI doesn’t open a case for no reason:”
Only bone to pick is are we so sure of that?

I hope this cures Rush of his misplaced “feeling sorry” for Hunter as a victim. Rush has been speculating that Hunter willfully abandoned his laptop as a cry for help, to rescue him from “the big guy”. Geez.

    Rush might have a point! Hunter was being used by Joe to collect bribe money from foreign governments as in an email he laments having to give “Pop” 50% of his salary

Interestingly enough there has been absolutely NO coverage of the Bidens issues here in the UK. Not one single news story carried hourly or on the 6 o’clock news.

Yet wall to wall stories about Trump taxes and Trump Chinese Death Kooties recovery (and how thats bad news for Americans etc)….but absolutely NOTHING about Bidens child porn (remembering the British media blew its load against the wall over the piss tape allegations) or money laundering or how it is some guy who was kicked out of the Navy on drug issues ends up earnings MILLIONS of dollars in industries he has no knowledge of because of his last name.

Funny thing is…if this were the Trump children do you think the media and Facebook and Twitter et al would be suppressing stories on them??

For America’s sake, the sake of its allies and the world Trump better get re-elected in November or we are all well and truly fucked!

Ben Affleck can play him in the movie…well, more like a miniseries.

WMAL in DC is reporting that an associate of Hunter’s is ready to spill the beans and has verified that “the Big Guy” is Joe Biden