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Gallup: 60% Support Trump’s handling of pandemic, overall support surges to 49%

Gallup: 60% Support Trump’s handling of pandemic, overall support surges to 49%

Once again, the anti-Trump media bubble is exposed — they probably don’t know anyone who supports Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus efforts.

If you only listened to Democrat politicians and read the mainstream media and Twitter, you’d think that the nation was soundly against Trump’s handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

It is a vicious little bubble of malignant personalities and broken souls whose sole job is to damage Trump at all costs, even if it harms the nation and working people. We’ve covered these disgusting extortionists and liars many times in the past weeks:

This list is likely to grow as the media and Democrats become more desperate as the public support for Trump’s efforts solidifies and grows.

The disconnect between the liberal bubble and reality has been emerging in recent polling:

This trend has Democrats worried, particularly with Joe Biden performing a disappearing act, Biden has all but disappeared during Wuhan coronavirus crisis, as #WhereIsJoe? trends. Peter Daou, a longtime Hillary supporter, tweeted his frustration:

People, I mean this sincerely: #whereisjoe?

Trump is in front of the cameras every day, reassuring people, putting on the appearance of “leadership.”

Where is #Biden? Why isn’t he dominating the airwaves???

* * *

And: Two new polls show Trump with majority approval on his handling of the #pandemic.

If Dem leaders think this crisis will definitely damage him, they are greatly mistaken.

If they cede the appearance of leadership to him, it’s a major problem.


To anyone doing victory laps hailing the end of Trump’s presidency, contemplate these poll numbers…

Trump intends to outflank establishment Dems from the left, stealing #Bernie’s policies to manage the crisis, then call himself a successful “wartime” president.

* * *


Team Trump may be morally bankrupt, but they’re not stupid.

Trump sees the #pandemic as way to boost his polls and take even more control. He’s already outflanked Dem leaders on progressive policies. And yet again, Dem leaders are like deer in headlights.

Add a just-released Gallup poll to the mix, showing Trump’s overall support surging 5% to 49%:

President Donald Trump may be enjoying a small rally in public support as the nation faces the COVID-19 pandemic. Forty-nine percent of U.S. adults, up from 44% earlier this month, approve of the job Trump is doing as president. Trump also had 49% job approval ratings — the best of his presidency — in late January and early February around the time of the Senate impeachment trial that resulted in his acquittal.

Independents’ and Democrats’ approval of Trump’s performance has increased slightly since earlier this month, tying as the best he has registered to date among each group. The president’s approval rating among Republicans was already above 90%, and remains so — but is not currently his highest on record (94% in late January).

Driving this overall surge, according to Gallup, is that 60% support Trump’s handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, with a positive spread of 22% (60-38):

Trump’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic may be behind his higher overall approval rating. Americans give the president generally positive reviews for his handling of the situation, with 60% approving and 38% disapproving. Ninety-four percent of Republicans, 60% of independents and 27% of Democrats approve of his response.

Panic time for Democrats?


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T>he biggest losers inn this will likely be Pelosi and congressional Democrats and the media.

If Trump and the Republicans are wise, they will link every Democratic House candidate to Pelosi – a Vote for X is a vote for Pelosi.

Evert September Gallup published its Annual Media Trust Survey. In 2019 it was 41%. It will be interesting what 2020 will be. Perhaps it will be so low that it will force AT&T to take action at CNN and Comcast to take action at MSNBC.

    Most shocking during all this is not the virus itself, nor its effect on the nation: it’s pelosi’s arrogance, her contempt for the nation, and last but not least: her corruption.

    We KNOW she and her ilk are going to skim BILLIONS from themselves, their families and their paid cronies.

    If voters don’t boot her out (by virtue of nationwide booting out of democrat congress-idiots), it will be because of GOP incompetence and/or corruption.

    Imagine pelosi’s cruelty, ruthlessness towards Americans and corruption that would occur if this POS was ever president?

    Pelosi is rivaling hillary clinton in despicability – which is not an easy feat.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | March 24, 2020 at 7:16 pm


      Nancy Pelosi’s and ALL the DEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Dow Surges +2112, Biggest Point Gain in All History

        notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | March 24, 2020 at 8:19 pm

        Like the way this blogger writes about this issue.

        Pelosi Suffers Massive Political Hit

        Abandons House Scheme

        Announces Acceptance of Senate Bill…

        You can tell when Speaker Pelosi recognizes a political backlash for her manipulative schemes because it’s the only time she blitzes the media.

        After suffering a very large political hit,

        beyond the capability of the media to defend,

        Pelosi said today the House will take up the Senate coronavirus bill.

        The writing was on the wall late yesterday as people started digging into the 1,400 page House proposal and exposing all of the far-left ideological efforts within it.

        Billions were earmarked for nonsense progressive projects and the House scheme was fraught with social engineering

        that had nothing to do with assisting workers and businesses.

        Even Pelosi’s own party started telling leadership they had gone way too far with the assembled list of nonsense legislation.

        ….. her party (will) be crushed by exposure of the brazen politics they were attempting.

        The reach was so extreme, the media could not protect her.


    Milhouse in reply to bw222. | March 24, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    If Trump and the Republicans are wise, they will link every Democratic House candidate to Pelosi – a Vote for X is a vote for Pelosi.

    They tried that in 2018 and it didn’t work out so well. Too many voters decided that they wanted Pelosi. Some may be regretting that, now that they’re getting what they wanted good and hard, but many are still enamored with her, or else think the problem with her is that she’s too soft, too accommodating, too nice, and what the country really needs is someone who makes Pelosi look sane.

Comanche Voter | March 24, 2020 at 5:12 pm

Larry O’Donnell was on twitter today. He is a tiresome old putz. Now claims Trump doesn’t have power to “re-open” the country–only governors can do that. Ten days O’Donnell and others of his ilk were urging the President to shut the country. Yes we have a federal system and the federal government can’t “shut” the country; but the President can and will jawbone governors–and right now on the balance of political power, I think Trump can get the governors to open up.

I’m actually surprised it’s that low, people really are stupid

“It is a vicious little bubble of malignant personalities and broken souls …”
Would you please be more specific, Prof?!

Frezz in the hizzy | March 24, 2020 at 5:39 pm

From now on, whenever PDJT refers back to this Wuhan virus mess, he can start rattling off the random crazy crap Pelosi and the rest of those kooks we’re trying to slip into that bill. He will be able to spin it like gold and hang it around their necks over and over….

And the reason that is so important is because this entire episode has touched most all of us, I think, to the core. It reminds us what is important and who we really are. They picked the wrong time to play politics. And like has been said, the new kid in town, freakin’ PDJT does not play patty-cake with those a-holes any more.

So many rhinos still hold him in utter contempt, like Mittens and the Bushes or whoever else you could think of from the scared-like-little-bunnies repub establishment. You might not like him, but let’s give him credit for being a fighter, and for championing most all of the things we have talked about for decades. The problem with these guys is purely pride and ego. Get over yourselves guys, and let’s get that bandwagon rolling!!

Pelosi helped him quite a bit, first with the faux impeachment that a majority of people could see was strictly political and contained no crimes. Then on the heels of that fiasco by the party of hate, she injects the power grab over looking to get something passed to help the people and businesses who are in growing troubles over this shut down.

This fascist Nancy has never been a great leader, not for the American public, but has ruled with an iron claw. Her power is on it’s ebb tide. Her mental capacity is failing, just like Biden. And her hatred is plain to see, which is driving any and all moves she makes.

Trump has shown the weak kneed GOP that you stand up against the left, let the chips fall, if you are in the right it will come out, and expose the enemy of the people to be the left.

I hope the left are thrown out of office in large numbers over the way they have behaved and acted since Trump won the Presidency. People who don’t follow politics are usually slow on the uptake, but even they are starting to see the evil intent behind the leftists actions.

Texas AG Ken Paxton just said on Evening Edit that Texas is banning/discouraging people from getting together in groups of more than 10. I guess he doesn’t shop for his own groceries. He’s usually pretty sharp, but this does not compute.

    healthguyfsu in reply to txvet2. | March 24, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    You realize that essentials are excepted from all of those bans right?

    Groceries, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Some Military, Police/Fire, etc.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | March 24, 2020 at 7:12 pm


Leftwing China-Shill Media

Claims That Fox News is to Blame for the Chinese Flu,

Tucker Carlson Reviews The

Media’s Constant Downplaying of the Seriousness of the Disease

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | March 24, 2020 at 8:48 pm

John Smith ???? @
Just got off the phone with my mom, a lifelong Dem. She’s supporting Trump. She said he’s doing the best job that he can. Said the Con-cast reporter was out of line & said the media is hyping it up. If Trump’s daily briefings can change her mind, I can only imagine everyone else

Audra @
Same with my Mom. She can’t believe how nasty the media is. She called them ‘relentless’ in their criticism.
She noticed the drastic difference in what she sees in the live press conferences vs media spin.
My mom is 82 and is disgusted.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | March 24, 2020 at 8:49 pm

    John Smith ???? @
    Replying to @audra_s

    That’s what my mom focused on heavily, she was like “I see why he’s frustrated, they ask him the same damn question every day, the man doesn’t have a crystal ball”. She also pointed out how multiple reporters will ask the same question just rephrased.

    John Smith ???? @

    She also noted how Dr Fauchi is starting to get testy with the media as well. Damn near brought a tear to my eye

Katy L. Stamper | March 24, 2020 at 8:56 pm

As some mememaker posted, Pelosi and the House impeached Trump for “withholding aid from Ukraine;” now she’s withholding aid from the U.S.A.

Trump is doing great. Fauci with Levin was complimentary of Trump.

Watching the last few years, the dems trying to knock Trump off the wall, it’s seriously like watching the RoadRunner and Wile E. Coyote. Grief aside, it’s been hilarious!!!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Katy L. Stamper. | March 25, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    That is a Poster of:

    Pelosi “withholding aid from Ukraine;” now she’s withholding aid from the U.S.A.

    Share it around folks.

C’mon, Professor. Stop holding back & let us know how your really feel. 😉

Oilfield Rando
Mar 23
$7,000,000 for one specific DC charter school, Gallaudet University

Odd seeing one school singled out like this, I’m guessing somebody called in a favor

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 24, 2020 at 10:34 pm

>> 1. Establishment Dems and corporate media normalized him. <<

This statement is the most persuasive evidence to date for extraterrestrial life. Because anybody who believes that statement can not live on planet Earth. I wonder what color the grass is on the planet he lives on.

Trump’s just doing his job.

So are Congressional R’s.

Democrats, particularly House D’s, and the legacy media (which, really IS the Democrat Party now) are business as usual: using the crisis to pass their ideological agenda and attacking Trump with every breath.

Given the fact that the whole country is on social media watching this play out, the D’s are really making a HUGE mistake this time. None of this is beneath the average person’s radar. The legacy press can spin and cover the the House D’s all they want, and all it is doing this time is destroying their own reputation.

Biden’s so far gone now, I’m really starting to wonder if the D’s are going to replace him at the convention – put someone else at the top of the ticket.

They were worried that Soviet Sanders would hurt them too badly down-ticket. But now, Biden doesn’t seem capable of being a part of any kind of campaign at all. Not having a candidate that’s anywhere near viable at the top of the ticket is bound to hurt them in Senate and House races nationwide.

    There was a caller on Limbaugh’s Monday show who presented a plausible case that the Dems are positioning Gavin Newsome to be that candidate at the convention. Made a lot of sense. It would explain why Newsome has bee praising Trump (and how quickly Andrew Cuomo followed). They are looking for someone new to win back the disgruntled (moderate) Dem voters flocking to Trump’s rallies.

    He has no chance of winning but keeping Trump from sweeping a historic victory might open the way for the party to pivot away from their the Manchurian Party image. Biden, Hillary, the Wookie, and the rest of the usual suspects don’t do anything to set up a victory in 2024. They need a new narrative with new faces. I think Newsome and Cuomo are beginning to compete to be the new fact of the party.

      “”I think Newsome and Cuomo are beginning to compete to be the new fact of the party.””

      That would make perfect sense, being governors of the two largest Dem states – and it would hardly be unprecedented given the number of Presidents who’ve come from those two offices.

      MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to Pasadena Phil. | March 25, 2020 at 9:14 am

      I think Hillary may be the one looking to steal the nomination from Joe. She insists on expressing her opinion about everything. Why? We haven’t heard a peep from Dukakis in three decades. Gary Hart raises his head up about once every five years. But Hillary keeps pushing herself into the national consciousness.

      Yes, she’s a greedhead. It could simply be a strategy to keep a high profile so she can continue to vacuum up money from Democrat voters by writing yet another book and speaking fees. But I also think she has convinced herself that Trump’s election was a freakish fluke. She wants a re-match. Revenge. And her rightful place on the throne. And enough Democrat voters think she was wronged that they may go along with it.

      What happens if Biden names her as his VP. Biden wins the nomination at the convention. Then he drops out due to medical reasons. Does his VP automatically get the nomination?

Trump for the win in 2020 !

This stuff pelosi is doing Trump will use in campaign. He will constantly hammer away at it and he will not stop. Over and over he will beat into everyone’s head that the Democrats held up aid for Americans because she was sneaking in the green new deal.

I have noticed that the mainstream media are not mentioning it but trust me Trump will. And he will not stop, he will be ruthless about it.