We have more proof that Twitter and the DC media bubble are out of touch with us regular Americans. The way everyone acts you’d think President Donald Trump sucks.

Bad news for these elites. A poll from ABC News/Ipsos found that 55% of Americans approve of how Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

I guess the MSM knew that Trump was not doing such a bad job since California Gov. Gavin Newsom and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have praised him. CNN’s Dana Bash even conceded to that fact.

They needed a distraction so they have been obsessed with Trump calling the virus the “Chinese coronavirus.” They do this despite calling it the Wuhan coronavirus for months:

Except now, we’re in an actual crisis. With the number of cases of coronavirus growing at a rapid pace, and most of America on a practical lockdown, the White House has taken to daily briefings featuring a variety of government officials, including President Donald Trump. While some in the media have used this opportunity to ask valuable questions, more often the events have devolved into reality TV petty catfighting. Or, more accurately, acting like children.

And yes, it starts at the top. After calling it “coronavirus” for weeks, Trump has taken up the term “Chinese Virus” on Twitter and in the briefings, for two reasons. One, because China is now trying to blame America for it, and he’s countering that very real propaganda (read more about that in The Atlantic here). But he’s also doing it because he knows it makes the virtue signaling media go crazy.

Two reporters yesterday from ABC and NPR used their time not to deliver the American public the accurate, real-time information we crave, but to instead focus on Trump’s use of the term. The show was embarrassing. Today, we got the childish behavior from the other side – an OAN reporter used her time to waste the American public’s time, by calling out her fellow reporters and trying to make an analogy to “Chinese food.”

These are the tactics of children. Everything – the focus on the words rather than the crisis, the petty sniping back, the J-school burn book note. These are White House reporters, in a time when America is in crisis. Get it together, for the sake of us. Please.

The distraction is not working, MSM. Trump’s approval has gone up in only a week. During this time he changed his tone to more somber and serious. He gives regular updates with his Coronavirus Task Force.

The number even went up with Democrats! Granted, only 30% approve in this poll. But his approval number among Democrats doubled from last week’s poll, which showed 86% of Democrats disapproved.


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