Can you feel it? I certainly do.

There is a rising fury at the blatant media exploitation and weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

There is no better example of the shamelessness of the media than how “Wuhan coronavirus” or “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese coronavirus” have all been declared to be racist because used by Trump or Trump supporters.

Yet the same media-types themselves used the terms.

There also is a media push to weaponize the crisis to defeat Trump. The same people who screamed that the restrictions on travel from China imposed over a month ago were racist and xenophobic all but ignore that the restriction is credited with substantially slowing down the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus to the United States, buying important time.

New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Elaina Plott tweeted:

The thousands of responses to her tweet are instructive.

Of course people are furious. I see it in the comments here, and on social media. People are sick of the media serving as the water boy/girl for Democrats, and of making false accusations of racism as the cudgel.

We remember how you threw the election to Obama, twice, and how you tried to throw the election for Hillary but barely failed. We remember Russia collusion, Kavanaugh, and so many other situations where the media feeding frenzy creates a permanent crisis news cycle designed to help Democrats.

You and your compatriots are part of the problem, and as inexcusable as it was on all those political topics, to do it again with a serious public health threat is so far beyond the pale that people are ready to burst with anger.

But you don’t see it most of the time. When you go on safari to observe the half the population that voted for Trump, you are shocked.


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