Two weeks ago we noted that Democrats and the media were attacking Trump as racist for using the term “China virus.” That was part of a wide effort not only to ban that term, but any term tying the coronovirus to China.

That effort started from the moment Trump restricted travel from China. That decision, now recognized at buying the U.S. critical time, was called racist and xenophobic, including by Joe Biden:

Stacey laid out the details and dishonesty of the attacks in Media, Democrats Rush to Declare ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ Term Racist – Except It’s Not:

The mainstream media and Democrats have chosen to politicize the heck out of the virus instead, a tactic that will only generate more division, confusion, and panic.

Case in point, the rush to declare the use of the term “Wuhan virus” racist instead of referring to it as the coronavirus. They chose to do this even though the strain of coronavirus we’re dealing with stems directly from Wuhan, China ….

Remember, not that long ago it was members of the mainstream media who referred to the virus as the “Wuhan virus:”

As Stacey further documented, these false accusations had a big impact in Italy, Italian Virologist: Fear of Being Falsely Called Racist Led to Italy’s Wuhan Coronavirus Crisis.

In making these false accusations, Democrats are playing into the Communist Chinese propaganda campaign that seeks to absolve itself of responsibility for concealing the seriousness of the virus outbreak in Wuhan by distancing the virus origins from China

It’s all described nicely in an article at The Atlantic, China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World:

Some American commentators and Democratic politicians are aghast at Donald Trump and Republicans for referring to the pandemic as the “Wuhan virus” and repeatedly pointing to China as the source of the pandemic. In naming the disease COVID-19, the World Health Organization specifically avoided mentioning Wuhan. Yet in de-emphasizing where the epidemic began (something China has been aggressively pushing for), we run the risk of obscuring Beijing’s role in letting the disease spread beyond its borders….

But is this a time for blame? Yes, it is. Accounting for responsibility when a disaster happens—particularly one likely to devastate entire countries, leaving thousands dead—is not beside the point, particularly as Chinese officials move to take advantage of the crisis and launch a disinformation campaign claiming that the U.S. Army introduced the virus.

Well before the new coronavirus spread across American cities, the Chinese regime was already rather creatively trolling U.S. publications, expelling American journalists, and “weaponizing wokeness” over anything it perceived as critical of China’s role in mishandling the epidemic. To hear Chinese spokespeople use the language of racism and prejudice is somewhat surreal, considering this is a regime that has put more than 1 million Muslims and ethnic minorities in “reeducation” camps.

Those American critics who raise the racism canard are themselves inadvertently collapsing the distinctions between an authoritarian regime and those who live under it….  A government is not a race. It’s a regime—and easily one of the worst and most brutal in our lifetime. Criticizing authoritarian regimes for what they do outside their own borders and to their own people is simply calling things as they are. To do otherwise is to forgo analysis and accuracy in the name of assuaging a regime that deserves no such consideration.

Chinese propaganda outlets are using nearly identical language:
And helping share Hillary’s claims:
None of this is merely misguided. The Communist Chinese propaganda machine is expertly playing “woke” Americans and the left’s obsession with identity politics. As Italy showed, these false accusations of racism over correctly naming the source of the coronavirus can have deadly consequences.


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