Some people on the left have been pushing the false claim that Trump called the Coronavirus a hoax. MSNBC’s Joy Reid just took that concept to a new level by suggesting the children of Trump supporters are a threat to other people’s kids.

Obviously, if Trump thinks Coronavirus is a hoax (he doesn’t) and his supporters follow his every word (they don’t) then it follows in Joy’s mind that the children of these people are dangerous.

How is it that Chris Matthews is out of a job, but Joy Reid remains on the air?

Mark Finkelstein reports at Newsbusters:

President Trump has not called coronavirus a hoax. To the contrary, the President has mobilized a team to combat the spread of the disease. And the administration is offering daily briefings on its efforts.

What Trump has called a hoax is the attempt by Democrats to politicize the disease. Reid unwittingly gave a good example of the phenomenon with her scaremongering this morning.

Here’s the actual transcript:

JOY REID: These people, who believe Trump over facts, over science, over anything, but him. His Twitter feed, that’s the truth to them. These are people you go to work with, that you ride the bus with, they’re the parents of your children’s classmates.

. . .

Trump supporters, who God love ’em, they believe anything that Donald Trump says. So you may have people who are willfully refusing to check that sniffle because they think it’s not true.

ALI VELSHI: It’s a myth that’s meant to undercut Donald Trump.

REID: And they still go to school with your kids.

Watch the video below:

The false narrative about the hoax also came up last night when CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that an attendee at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) has contracted Coronavirus.

Twitchy compiled responses that repeated the hoax lie:

What’s the difference between Joy Reid and these misinformed Twitter users? Nothing.

Featured image via Newsbusters video.


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