Yesterday I wrote about the mounting fury toward the media for it’s blatant exploitation and weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus public health threat, NY Times reporter: “disdain for and distrust of the media right now is worse than I’ve seen at any point throughout this presidency”.

Can you feel it? I certainly do.

There is a rising fury at the blatant media exploitation and weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic….

I see it in the comments here, and on social media. People are sick of the media serving as the water boy/girl for Democrats, and of making false accusations of racism as the cudgel.

I experience that today during Trump’s press conference.

The press conference was a masterpiece, an uplifting celebration of the power and ability of consumer-oriented corporate America to solve problems. Seeing the CEO’s arch-rivals Walmart and Target, CVS and Walgreens, standing together with the President and health officials was inspiring.

And the markets loved it, soaring as the press conference started and went forward.

Then came the questions from reporters.

In fairness, they were not as hostile and offensive as usual. But they did piss off one Legal Insurrection reader who texted me in real time:

Trump is kicking ass with all these companies coming in to help pull together to fight this virus. You got to see it.

Obama could never of done it.

Did you see all the fuck face reporters trying to take Trump down by their questions?

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the identity of this reader. I can tell you I’ve known her for 38 years, some of you met her at our Los Angeles reader reception, and she’s recovering from a multi-year illness and is getting her fight back in her.


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