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If you only listened to Democrat politicians and read the mainstream media and Twitter, you'd think that the nation was soundly against Trump's handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. It is a vicious little bubble of malignant personalities and broken souls whose sole job is to damage Trump at all costs, even if it harms the nation and working people. We've covered these disgusting extortionists and liars many times in the past weeks:

The media loves to talk about women. We are reminded daily about the historic number of women elected to Congress as Democrats in November. Women Trump supporters don't get nearly as much attention, but new data suggests their support for the president hasn't wavered.

WAJ NOTE: THIS IS THE 28,000th POST PUBLISHED AT LEGAL INSURRECTION - OORAH! Trump spoke at the NRA convention Friday and as part of his remarks, gave a shout out to Kanye West. Trump credited recent supportive comments from West for his rise in a poll among African Americans.

Democrats promised the passage of tax reform would spell certain doom, but their absurd fear mongering was all for naught. Seeing proof that Trump's tax reform package positively impacted their bank accounts, the majority now support the legislation.

Mark Penn, Democrat strategist and former pollster for Bill Clinton during his presidency, is reviled by today's regressive Democrats.  Happily, his truth bombs land amongst his leftist audience with a fizzle amid looks of scathing disdain. Penn's latest attempt to speak truth to the left's waning political power addresses why, as co-director of the Harvard-Harris Poll, he believes that the left is still getting everything wrong, particularly when it comes to polls and President Trump.

If we judged elections that are over a year (congressional midterms) and three years (presidential) away based on current approval ratings and popularity polling, Donald Trump would seem done for. Indeed, that is the prevailing media narrative. Though there was a recent blip upward, Trumps favorability and job approval numbers are poor. Here is a chart of Trump's job approval ratings from 538 based on a composite of all polls:

Why wasn't Bill Clinton believed back in the 1990s? Could it have had anything to do with that time he looked into the camera, wagged his finger at the American people, and told them, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky?" Nope. That wasn't it. People didn't believe honest ol' Bill because of "polarization . . . just because of the party." That was the view expressed on CNN this morning by network commentator Errol Louis. His comment came during a discussion of President Trump's latest poll ratings on credibility.