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Get ready for The Left’s War on Scott Walker, 2018 Edition

Get ready for The Left’s War on Scott Walker, 2018 Edition

The labor and progressive movements want revenge.

Scott Walker’s 2012 recall election wasn’t the first election I ever covered, but it definitely was one of the most intense.

It was what I called Wisconsin’s Long, Strange Trip, linking to our exhaustive coverage of all the crazy:

Police insurrections.  Palace guards.  Catch a Senator contests.  Doctors behaving badly.  Massive national solidarity protests which weren’t.  Identity theft as political theater.  Shark jumping.  Legislators who run away to other states.  Busbang bangs.  Protesters locking their heads to metal railings and pretending to walk like Egyptians.  Beer attacks.  Canoe flotillas.  (alleged) Judicial chokeholds.  Tears falling on Che Guevara t-shirts at midnight.  Endless recalls.  And recounts.  Communications Directors making threats.   Judges who think they are legislators (well, I’ll grant you that one is common).  V-K Day.  Hole-y warriors.  Cities namedSpeculation and Conjecture.  And the funniest blog headline so far:

First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs

When Walker defeated the Recall late in the evening of June 5, 2012, it was Oh what a night. and the fireworks website overlay was lit.

Since then, we’ve covered the crazy of the John Doe investigations, most recently a month ago, The rotting corpse of Wisconsin’s John Doe investigation still stinks.

There is no one the left hates more than Walker. I think they hate him more than they hate Trump, because Walker not only has defeated them at the ballot box, he has transformed Wisconsin with a solid conservative agenda.

The Walker obsession will be back again, in November 2018, because Walker is running for reelection to his third term.

The Christian Science Monitor has a lengthy and excellent post not only on the coming war against Walker, but how he has transformed the state, In Wisconsin, will Walker’s reelection bid serve as conservatism’s next test?

As to the Walker transformation, the Monitor writes:

Of all the states Hillary Clinton lost, perhaps none was as shocking as Wisconsin, with its long history of progressive politics.

But in retrospect, it shouldn’t have been.

While Democrats still outnumber Republicans here overall, that’s not the case among elected officials. From the legislature to the governorship, from the attorney general to the secretary of natural resources, the state is almost entirely controlled by Republicans – who, for the better part of a decade, have been steadily remaking it in their image….

Scott Walker won the governorship here as part of a nationwide Republican wave in 2010, and immediately set about turning the state’s finances around, eliminating a projected $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes, by cutting funding for everything from schools to environmental research.

In the process, Wisconsin, one of the first states to introduce income taxes and elect Socialist politicians, has undergone a wholesale reinvention – shifting from a model of government largesse to one of individual responsibility and accountability.

Walker, in the process, broke the back of the powerful teacher’s and other unions, and the national labor movement has no bigger target than defeating Walker.

As to the coming War on Walker the Monitor writes:

Both sides are already gearing up for a huge fight that some say could cost up to $100 million. To many, it’s a proxy war of sorts between those who hold up Walker as an icon of American conservatism and those determined to reassert liberal values in a key state in the Trump Era. Democrats will almost certainly need to win Wisconsin if they have any hope of defeating President Trump in 2020, and taking back the governorship would be a significant first step.

“We hope the whole nation will pay attention to Wisconsin because we are a test case of what happens under conservative policies,” says Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin….

Wisconsin’s long, strange trip is not over.


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I could have happily voted for Walker as POTUS.

Not a perfect conservative, but as they might say in Minn-a-sooooo-ta, “Pretty darned good, you bet.”

smalltownoklahoman | November 9, 2017 at 8:03 pm

I for one am wishing Walker well in his reelection campaign! What he has done for the state is incredible as is his defeating the leftists when they tried their damnedest to remove him! Walker winning another term will not only really help solidify what he’s done for the state but will also show that the people of the state LIKE what he’s done for them and will continue to do for them.

He’s Ryan’s buddy, that’s not good and Milwaukee has more illegals and Muslims then in 2010, tons more, I’m here right now. Use to live here, horrific what has happened here.
Very segregated city by history, but now it’s clearly about the class system , which pretty much runs along race lines.
Walker has done some wonderful things for Wisconsin , he deserves a third term
He was a horrible presidential candidate, no presence. He just didn’t have “ it”

Walker is disliked, but he doesn’t have the combined establishment seeking to abort him. Still, the long scalpels will be drawn to abort him for a real, imagined, or created violation, but probably nothing like the baby hunts and trials engaged by left, right, center, and foreign opponents of Trump et al.

regulus arcturus | November 10, 2017 at 1:09 am

There’s a nasty surprise awaiting Tammy Baldwin, et al.

Walker is a very talented man.

He is up against the democrats AND the GOPe – who would sacrifice him to hurt Trump’s roll.

Bet on him to make it..

* SHRUG * …. My philosophy on politics and even life has evolved over the years to a very simplistic one …. Anything the democrat/liberal/progressives are for i’m against in 95% of cases it has served me well and my opposition increases as their support does so im all for Scott

    Well, re your comment, “… you could talk about me, the story’s the same one.”

    Similarly, I can’t recall the last time I actually voted **for** anyone. Routinely, I’m voting against candidates.

      Edward in reply to Rab. | November 10, 2017 at 7:42 am

      I voted for Ted Cruz four times so far:

      1. Senate Primary
      2. Senate Primary Run-off
      3. Senate General
      4. Presidential Primary.

      I have voted multiple times for my Representative – Jeb Hensarling. Not a perfect conservative (only 83% on the Heritage Action scorecard), but far better than many. I’ll miss him, as will the Financial Services committee where he has been a well respected, subject knowledgeable, Chairman.

I’m a Walker fan, supported him thru his first campaign for gov, his recall, his second campaign for gov and his brief run for the W/H but I also think two terms at one position is enough for any politician.

Run for senate/house if you want to continue political career.

    Edward in reply to gwsjr425. | November 10, 2017 at 7:44 am

    And if there isn’t another person ready to take up the position and capable of winning a campaign, do you still advocate getting out of the Governorship and abdicating the job to whomever the Democrats run?

DINORightMarie | November 10, 2017 at 9:32 am

Wisconsin and Walker give me hope. –Disappointed, living in Frederick County, VA

I just hope we don’t have to sink that far down in the leftist muck till we get our Conservative transformation.

I wonder how many women / boys / victims the opposition will line up in the trial by media? Shall we start the bidding at 35 accusers?

Walker surely deserves credit for doing what most would have said was impossible: take on the public-sector unions in Wisconsin, and survive politically.

And, yes, I can still hear the tones of the NPR announcers as they realized Gov. Walker was going to win the recall election: you’d think the family dog had just died.

The big issue in the next gubernatorial election probably should be whether the deal with Foxconn is a good deal for Wisconsin, yet Walker seems to be distancing himself from it. Why would he do that? Is Foxconn a political liability or asset for him?

All they’ll have to do is roll out some more unprovable 30 year accusations. Walker will be gone and Rags will have to cheer.

Live by the smear and die by it.