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The Madison Flotilla

The Madison Flotilla

I should know never to make a categorical statement about anything, because I have several thousand fact checkers/helpers.

This morning I joked that I had not seen any boats involved in the Madison protests.

Thanks to reader Patricia for sending me a link to a post about the Madison flotilla organized to protest at the home of Gov. Scott Walker for the specific purpose of disrupting a party Walker’s wife was throwing:

Madison is a a city of multiple lovely lakes. Scott Walker happens to enjoy access to the state’s own “Governor’s Mansion” at the edge of Lake Mendota in the village of Maple Bluff, which I just so happen to live quite close to. Which makes me nothing special. Thousands of people live on the East side of Madison, which some of us lovingly call “The Commie Quarter”. Thus, thousands of left-leaning people live within a stone’s throw of one of the nation’s most right-leaning reactionaries and his wife and sons in their temporary quarters . And thousands have access to the edge of the mansion both by land via a sidewalk, and by water via Lake Mendota.

So when it leaked out Friday that Tonette, Walker’s wife, was to host a garden party on Saturday, some of Walker’s neighbors could not resist the temptation to float by and say “RECALL!”….

What did it amount to? Nine people, 2 kayaks, 2 canoes, 1 paddle boat, a huge Recall Walker message to the assembled Republicans, and a great time. I hope the flotilla also conveys the message that Wisconsin protesters never rest, we will protest you at the drop of a hat, and we are creative, fun people.  It was so fun, we’re going to do it weekly!


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Their mothers must be so proud. (Unfortunately, they probabaly are.)

“It was so fun, we’re going to do it weekly!”

I’m sure it will be just as fun in December, n’est-ce pas?

Useless fools.

Prof, I believe I recall you threatening to charge us a penalty for calling people idiots?

Please put this on my tab….IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Next time, whip out the paintball guns for the guests. Should be loads of fun.


Amongst themselves, they lovingly, openly, correctly, refer to themselves as commies.

Publicly, they act like calling them a liberal is a pejorative.

Wisconsin, despite being blessed with countless lakes and rivers, has a great unwashed when it comes to freedom to wallow indecently with swine-like pride. Remember that Progressive Magazine (located in Wisconsin) published the details on the H-Bomb in November of 1979 as an exercise of press freedom. Even more frightening is at 6:10 of this Althouse clip:

LOONS! Now what do I say to the birds?

lost in all this? walker actually saved the jobs of teachers.