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First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs

First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs

The protests in Wisconsin over attempts by the state legislature to decertify public employee unions are getting out of hand.  Democratic state legislators have fled the state to deprive Republicans of a legislative quorum.

And Hitler signs, you want Hitler signs comparing the Governor to Hitler?  They have them. 

Jeffrey Goldberg has images and Ann Althouse has video (which earned her a Drudge link):

(Note: Will someone please carry Hitler signs in Ithaca so I can take video and get a Drudge link.)

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It is appalling what these Leftists are doing. Busing in protesters, OFA calling people to protest in Madison, disrupting the business of the state senate, protesting at people's homes – to the point where some are removing their families for their safety! This is NOT American. This is MOB rule. Tyranny.

As for the Democrat state senators who left the state to evade the state constitution's rules on how to compel members to appear: their disregard for the legislative process; their complete contempt for the will of the people they serve; and their disobedience of the rule of law they are elected to uphold; for all these, each one of these state senators deserves to be removed from office and replaced with representative who WILL represent the people, who WILL do the job designated, who WILL engage in debate over issues in dispute. To flee like cowards, to thwart the rule of law, and use Alinsky-Communist tactics to keep the people enslaved to their state's debt – despicable, every one of them!

And the teachers, striking illegally, bringing their students with them – also illegally – each one of them deserves to be fired.

I hope the Wisconsin legislators follow the advice on Red State and get this issue PASSED, and show these thugs that the PEOPLE of the state are their BOSSES, not the unions.

(Red State link: )

They should rename Madison to Godwin, Wisconsin.

sort of runic rhyme | February 17, 2011 at 6:02 pm

COLAS are far more appropriate for Atlanta area retired Coke employees.

Time to rename Madison to Godwin, Wisconsin.

Seems to me that the governor could fire all of the striking teachers and administrators who chose to close the schools and force them to re-apply for their jobs.

(Being compared to Hitler isn't necessarily bad. When I was a boy studying the violin, I was often compared to Heifetz: "Phil is NO Heifetz" they would say.)

* GRIN * how about a fleet of Prius with Hitler bumper stickers

Funniest title for a blogpost EVAH!

Report: Tea Party chases WI Dems out of hotel

Gateway Pundit:

The Rockford Tea Party just chased the Wisconsin democrats out of the Best Western. They just boarded their bus and are leaving the Best Western!

Heh. Tea Party FTW!

(Note: Will someone please carry Hitler signs in Ithaca so I can take video and get a Drudge link.)

Heh, heh, what's it worth to ya?!!

I am embarrassed for my state and proud of the stand my governor has taken.

Rockford TEA party: You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!

sort of runic rhyme | February 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm

I find it hard to believe WI Democratic politicians decamped to a Best Western parochial, oppressor civilization icon, given their cause. Surely, they could've found a Holiday Inn for their vacation from history and empirical economics.

Perhaps someone should remind Wisconsin Democrats that Texas Democrats tried this tactic in 2003 when their numbers were 88/63 Democrat. Now the Texas Democrats are rapidly becoming an endangered species with the Republicans now holding 99 of 151 Texas Congress seats.

You see, most Americans don't like dirty tactics and I am sure that applies to those citizens of Wisconsin who elected their current governor. To storm Republicans houses and scare their families is NOT the way to go. How bad must it be when the Republicans of Wisconsin will not even say if they will go home tonight and are only saying they are "working" with law enforcement.

And any school district superintendent that allowed Wisconsin teachers to load kids up on school buses to take them to the Capital should be immediately fired, as should the teachers who are using students as their union stooges. Parents are paying teachers to educate their kids, not teach them Saul Alinsky tactics to line the pockets of the union thugs who don't really care how much burden they put on the taxpayer.

Today I called my Congressman and demanded there be an investigation into Organizing For America (Obama's campaign site) into injecting itself into state politics. Y'all should do the same.

(Note: Will someone please carry Hitler signs in Ithaca so I can take video and get a Drudge link.)

What kind of professor are you? That's what students are for, to promote your politics!

If I were a parent there, I'd be looking at possibly charging the "teachers" with abducting my child by removing him/her from where I authorized him/her to be without obtaining parental permission.

Our super libs in California are just as bad. I expect to see Los Angeles start up any day now…

You're obviously not a union member. If you were, you'd hire some illegals to carry Hitler signs for you. And find a taxpayer-funded grant to pay them less than minimum wage for their work.

Then you'd get a grad student to go over and take photos of the signs.

Now, if you wanted any media organization other then Drudge, or maybe Fox, to link those photos, you'd have to say they were Tea Party protesters.

THEN, they'd not only be linked, but obsessed over by news anchors aghast that those right wingers could be so uncivilized.

"Democratic state legislators have fled the state to deprive Republicans of a legislative quorum."

It a Sir Robin moment:

Brave Sir Robin ran away.
Bravely ran away, away!
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat,
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!

Truly a Proud to be Democrat bumpersticker moment.

Trochilus said, "Funniest title for a blogpost EVAH!"

It's definitely a contender. No other site comes close to Legal Insurrection when it comes to funny blogpost titles. That alone is worth a daily visit.

There's a few million souls in Europe who would've been a lot better off if all Hitler did to them was to de-certify their stinkin' union. This bull**** is an insult to those who have and do suffer under real tyranny.