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Wisconsin Protesters Lock Their Heads To Metal Railings, And Become Their Own Metaphors

Wisconsin Protesters Lock Their Heads To Metal Railings, And Become Their Own Metaphors

Two protesters in the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol building strapped “U” shaped ultra-secure bicycle locks around her necks and locked themselves to a metal railing.

As reported by JSOnline (h/t reader Leonard):

Authorities removed two protesters who locked themselves to the railing of the Senate gallery Thursday.

The action took place at a little after 12:20 p.m.

Just after 11 a.m., the protesters, one man and one woman, used U-shaped bike locks to lock their necks to the railing as part of a demonstration against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget. Along with the two who locked themselves to the railing, a group of a dozen protesters loudly chanted “Kill the bill.”

Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) gaveled the the legislative body into recess as a dozen State Patrol officers congregated in the gallery to address the situation.

To cut the locks off the two protesters — Chris French, 20, and Bridgette O’Brien, 23 — Capitol Police called on the University of Wisconsin Police Department to bring in a special cutting device.

Locking one’s head to a metal railing without a key is a pretty accurate metaphor for what the public employee unions want to do to the taxpayers and union members.

There was an easier solution to the problem: 

 Turn out the lights, lock the doors, and go home.  And leave them there.

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What are they protesting, sanity?

That was my first thought. Go home for the night and leave those skeeves there.

That's what I thought, leave them there. Or perhaps urinate on their ankles first, and then leave.

Did anybody think of testing to see if they were ticklish? Now that Weiner has a lot of spare time, he might have been asked to drop by to give them each a test tickle.

" Turn out the lights, lock the doors, and go home. And leave them there."

And then, they will sue… and probably win…

Duct tape their mouths shut and go about normal business.

Put TVs tuned to Fox News in front of them.

Cut them clear and send them to the local looney bin for evaluation. It's pretty clear they're a danger to themselves.

I think they should have used curtain cords, and pulled them very, very tight. Now THAT would be a statement.

Sue for what? Yes, Judge, we locked ourselves to the rail and the evil state didn't immediately set us free. Does the state have a duty to keep them from trespassing? Or to set free some dumb ass that locks himself to the rail? I would love to see that lawsuit.

What will they think of neckst, blowing up Sterling Hall?

I would have been eager to have a nice long talk with them. Nothing like having a captive audience for your taunts.

But can you imagine how cool the skeletons would look after about a 100 years or so? The Tower of London has the air of gravity and ambiance we just don't have anywhere in the states because of stuff like this.

It's summer. Offer them lemonade. Cool water. Sodas. Icees. You get the drift, but make sure it's a few gallons. Soon, they'll be begging for release.

Better than puppets! The reason they were cut out within an hour, is that the police didn't want them to become poster children. With an array of media showing up with their cameras. (Now that weiner's resigned, there's a hole in the media's schedule.)

I hope someone in charge of the police is investigating how these fools got their U-bolts through the security check at the door!

Otherwise, Hulsey brought it in. And, is giving them out to protesters who come into his office to ask.

So far, not enough questions have been raised.

Probably a couple of U-W students earning extra credit.

Ah, yes. "Release." But they swallowed the key. Otherwise, you couldn't close the U-bolt. Sure, there's always a lawyer you can find who will sue. That's what "contingency fees" were invented to do.

You thought the dame who went to Gloria Allred had to bring cash?

While serving the lemonade, show 'em Sarah Palin videos, darn it.

yaknow, the Puritans knew all about this sort of thing. They called it the stocks. WI should have left those people there for a few days, and maybe add a few of their peers from county lock-up to keep them company.

Didn't punishment in the stocks also entail throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at malefactors, too?

I think that as a mercy to these criminal trespassers, they should be provided plenty of liquid refreshment, too. Like prune juice. …sorry, no bathroom break until your friends bring the key.

Shame, Professor Jacobson. You have a cold, cold heart. How's about we get together for a beer some time?

Appropriate tool for being such tools.

Set up some crime scene opaque privacy panels around them so they can't be seen/photographed, leave a cop with them to make sure the panels stay in place, and go on about the state's business. And then follow Nathan Mates devilish plan. I like it. Wouldn't take long for a key to appear, I'll bet.

Too bad I'm down here in Texas, if I'd been there I would have pulled the fire alarm. And laughed.

I'd be interested in where these people "work." Are they students? Are they anarchists? Are they in a union? Do they have Youtube videos?

One gets the feeling, given the preponderance of wife beater t-shirts, cussers, people who are obviously high and mohawks, that many of these people (who undoubtedly have fleas) have finally found a cause for their lives. Something they can protest with tv cameras on them.

OTOH, maybe they're just the result of "Your tax dollars at work." Or not.

I would have resumed the school tours ….and here on our left children is what the affects of kool aid and stupid lead to. These are liberals in their natural enviroment doing what liberals do. ….. No Johnny don't feed them your parents threw their tax dollars already support them….. perfect teaching moment

One is reminded of a similar strategy for graffiti vandals; strip them naked except for shoes and turn them loose some place far away.

Wow…. I was going to recommend just water-boarding them… but you guys… whooey.. you guys are ruthless.. LOL

I LOVE when lefties do this kind of thing. It makes them look like utter lunatics to normal people, including indies and those not politically involved (yet). More union freaks chaining themselves to things, please.

Don't forget to bill them for the process of cutting them free, and the equipment used, plus overtime. It can be tacked on top of their fine for littering, and whatever else they wind up being charged with.