In my post yesterday about the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturning Judge Sumi, I opined:

This is a sweeping victory for Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker. (And for my prior legal anaylsis, but that’s another matter. I’ll be spiking the football, for sure.)


Okay, analysis done, now I spike the football by referencing my prior posts…

In response, I received this email (emphasis mine):

Dear Professor Jacobson:

Do you hail from Wisconsin (as I do)? I’m perplexed by your interest in Wisconsin constitutional and administrative law. Surely everybody else at Cornell could not care less.

My views upon your espoused opinions aside, your comments about spiking footballs seem distinctly un-professorial, but I suppose matters of style are not for me to judge.

Curiously yours, Professor _______

Adjunct Professor
U.C. Hastings College of the Law


Here’s mine:

Ya see, this is what blogging does to the mind. It’s not my fault. I’m a victim.

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