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Video: Wisconsin Protesters Surround Bus With Republican Senators, Bang on Windows and Doors

Video: Wisconsin Protesters Surround Bus With Republican Senators, Bang on Windows and Doors

After the vote passing the budget repair bill, Republican Senators were led from the Capitol through a tunnel, and then onto a bus, where protesters surrounded them and chased the bus, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel::

Amid unprecedented protests, Republican lawmakers have at times been escorted by officers out of the Capitol through a tunnel – and in one case this week were given their own bus to get away from demonstrators.

Shortly after abruptly voting to sharply curtail collective bargaining for public employees, senators boarded a Madison city bus and Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs stationed himself near the driver to tell him where to go, according to video from the bus released Friday.

They boarded the bus after they were taken through a tunnel under W. Main St. that leads to the Risser Justice Center.

Protesters quickly surrounded the bus, banged on it and briefly followed it as it drove away from the Capitol.

The Journal-Sentinel did not post the video, but I found it at the Wisconsin AFSCME website, which was upset that a union bus driver was forced to drive the bus:

It is reported that law enforcement seized this Madison city bus, ordered fare paying riders off and escorted the Assembly republicans through the tunnels that lead away from the State Capitol. The bus driver, a public employee that these very Republican legislators just stripped his collective bargaining rights from was forced to drive the bus to an unknown location

Update:  I wonder what PolitiFact would have to say about this mob, PolitiFact Has A Serious Problem, But I Repeat Myself.

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Awww, poor wittle union bus driver, put into a position where he might have had to actually uphold his so-called principles by refusing to drive the bus no matter what. My heart bleeds.

Imagine how they would've howled if they brought in a non-union bus driver.

These people are an out of control MOB! I am convinced that the FASCIST Democrat Public Unions must be decertified in all venues.

Screw these barbarians!

Unions convinced me that unions have no legitimate place in our society.

Unions have come out of the closet. They are true
progeny of Jimmy Hoffa.

He was FORCED to drive? Just because he was on the clock, and getting paid very well to do so?

This will not stand! It is a violation of basic union rights for workers to HAVE to work just because they're getting paid!

In Madison, we are witnessing the raw powergrab of the Chicago political mob, the national democrat party, and the Madison Maggots to overturn a legitimately elected state government. It looks ugly; it is ugly.

The driver wasn't forced: he could have exited the bus and told them to drive it themselves. How is this different from Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis objecting to driving people with alcohol from the duty free shop? I'm surprised the bus tires weren't attacked. Socialist from Milwaukee know how to destroy vehicle tires. This isn't going to end well.