Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, is quite a guy.  He was a focus of a post here last month when he tweeted that people should celebrate the 45th anniversay of Medicare by “punching a Republican.”  He then claimed he was just joking.

But Zielinski doesn’t appear to be joking in this bullying tactic, as reported by Mark Tapscott:

Graeme Zeilinski was upset that a reporter  noted in an interview with the Heritage Foundation think thank that Wisconsin  had, according to U.S. Department of Labor data, created nearly half of all the  new jobs created across the country in June.

In an email titled “What Happens Next,” Zeilinski warned that:

“What happens next is that I contact the publishers and editors of the papers  that publish you as ‘unbiased,’ and let them know our deep concern about the  obvious bias that permeates your entire operation,” Zielinski states in his  email.

“Then, we let our activists know which papers publish you, and they write the  publisher and editor. Then, we contact the Capitol press pool and let them know  about our concerns about your credentialing. And we continue on until you  actually admit to the truth of your operation.”

Wisconsin needs to do the nation a favor, and give these thugs a policital punch in the face this Tuesday in the Recall Elections.


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