All eyes are on Wisconsin.

Before I get to today’s primary, let’s take a look back at one of my favorite political periods in the history of the world – the defeat of the Recall against Governor Scott Walker after over a year of protests against the public sector union collective bargaining reform bill.

It was what I called Wisconsin’s Long, Strange Trip, linking to our exhaustive coverage of all the crazy:

Police insurrections.  Palace guardsCatch a Senator contests.  Doctors behaving badly.  Massive national solidarity protests which weren’tIdentity theft as political theater.  Shark jumping.  Legislators who run away to other states.  Busbang bangs.  Protesters locking their heads to metal railings and pretending to walk like EgyptiansBeer attacksCanoe flotillas.  (alleged) Judicial chokeholds.  Tears falling on Che Guevara t-shirts at midnight.  Endless recalls.  And recounts.  Communications Directors making threats.   Judges who think they are legislators (well, I’ll grant you that one is common).  V-K DayHole-y warriors.  Cities namedSpeculation and Conjecture.  And the funniest blog headline so far:

First They Came For The Right To Retire After 30 Years On Full Salary With COLAs

When Walker defeated the Recall late in the evening of June 5, 2012, it was Oh what a night.

That was a time when the Legal Insurrection community was more united and cohesive, and thousands of us celebrated the win with the inaugural launch of website fireworks and John Phillip Sousa music:

LI Fireworks2

I don’t know if we’ll ever get back that feeling. Too much has changed.

It’s hard to find one video that summed it all up, but this interview by Kemberlee of then-presidential candidate Walker has his reflections:

Scott Walker would have made a fantastic president. He just didn’t make a fantastic presidential candidate.

Fast forward to the present.

Cruz leads in the polls, but the polls have been wrong before in this cycle. So who knows. The RCP Average shows Cruz ahead by 4.7%:

If Cruz somehow loses either overall (18 delegates) or in some congressional districts (3 delegates each) and Kasich makes the difference, tensions between the Cruz and Kasich camps likely will boil over, Ted Cruz Is Fuming Because John Kasich Won’t Bow Out:

As Mr. Cruz looks beyond Wisconsin, where he is favored to defeat Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, his frustrations with Mr. Kasich have increasingly been laid bare. With activists and operatives opposed to Mr. Trump fanning out across the electoral map in a scramble to deny him the nomination, Mr. Cruz’s team has argued that it is Mr. Kasich’s “quixotic” bid for the White House that will prove the biggest boon to Mr. Trump in the states to come….

Mr. Kasich’s team sees opportunities for delegates in states like New York, Maryland and Delaware, often in suburban areas. Mr. Cruz’s team sees any such gains as assisting Mr. Trump, particularly in New York, where Mr. Kasich’s presence could ensure that Mr. Trump receives a delegate even in congressional districts he loses to Mr. Cruz, given the state’s rules.

We all know where tonight’s vote will be resolved, don’t we?

Here’s the #WisconsinPrimary Twitter hashtag, so you can follow along at home:

We will add updates throughout the day. RESULTS coverage tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern.


Pro-Cruz talk show host Charlie Sykes had pro-Trump Ann Coulter on this morning:

[Featured Image: Anti-Walker protester locks her head to State Capitol railing, via JS Online]


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