When it comes to Joe Biden’s eventual running mate, Kamala Harris has drawn the most speculation from pundits, but former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice is a very real possibility.

With two former members of the Obama administration on the ticket, this would definitely be like a third term for Obama.

Rice has some weaknesses. Her insistence that the Benghazi attack was caused by a YouTube video is a liability, as is her possible involvement in the Russia collusion hoax, but she would still be a serious contender.

Tucker Carlson recently talked about this. From FOX News:

As of right now, Susan Rice appears to be in the lead for the VP slot. That’s an interesting development.

Say what you will about Susan Rice and we’re about to, but she is not a buffoon.

Susan Rice is smart. She is hard-eyed. She is experienced.

Susan Rice knows exactly what she wants and she understands the system well enough to get it.

She is a threat.

So what exactly does Susan Rice believe? Well, in a sentence, Susan Rice believes what everyone else in permanent Washington believes. Because above all, Rice is a product of D.C. She grew up there.

So to our political class, Rice is the opposite of an outsider. She’s the home team. Like almost everyone in Washington, she is above all, a fervent neocon.

As a member of Obama’s cabinet, she pushed for the counterproductive killing of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

She has never apologized for that. She should…

Here’s her reaction to the administration’s plan to remove troops from Syria.

RICE: I woke up this morning to hear that news, and as I do, it seems like six days a week, I just put my head in my hands. This is [bleep] crazy.

Oh, yes. It’s crazy. It’s almost unbelievable.

It’s crazy to bring troops home from a country that we have no strategic interest in, who are there to fulfill a mission we can’t articulate. That’s crazy. But that’s a consensus view in Washington.

When the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was destroyed in 2012, Rice herself said something that was actually crazy.

She blamed that attack on an online video.

Watch Tucker’s monologue below:

It looks like Rice is open to the job:

And she’s on board with the left’s new narrative:

If Biden chooses Rice, her status among media types will rise to ‘rock star’ status overnight.

It’ll be something to behold.


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