Events are moving quickly, converging on the subterfuge and subversion by Team Obama.

Team Obama was behind the Flynn set up. Obama was in on it, and so were others. How deep Obama’s own hands go into the spying on the Trump transition remains to be seen, but Obama’s staged “leak” criticizing DOJ is a tell.

As Mollie Hemingway points out, Obama is worried because Obama and Biden were in on a crucial January 5, 2017, meeting. Flynn is the tip of the iceberg, spygate is now trending on Twitter as #Obamagate.

Team Obama also was behind the Russia collusion media frenzy and fraud, and the soft coup d’etat. Obama’s senior advisors and officials regularly were telling the American people that there was unspecified information they knew from their days in Obama’s administration showing that there was evidence of collusion. They all lied, or at least misled.

The Intelligence Committee transcripts that Adam Schiff refused to release for years were just released when Acting Director of DNI Richard Grenell suggested he would release them if Schiff didn’t. Those transcripts show that all these senior officials and frequent CNN and MSNBC talking heads had no knowlege or evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

The ability of the Trump administration to function was subverted by Team Obama, the nation was put at risk, and other priorities were sidelined as part of this subversion.

If you don’t have a raging fury, you haven’t been paying attention.

Team Obama wants back in so they can crush the ongoing investigation. If it’s not completed by election day, it may never get completed.

Team Obama was behind all of the Russia collusion fraud, the manipulation of the presidential transition, the attempt to freeze the duly elected president, and if Biden wins, they will be back in power with Biden as a nominally coherent figurehead.


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