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Democrats’ Star Impeachment “Witness” Mocks 13-year-old Barron Trump in Hearings UPDATE/S: FLOTUS Responds

Democrats’ Star Impeachment “Witness” Mocks 13-year-old Barron Trump in Hearings UPDATE/S: FLOTUS Responds

This is the same woman who once said she “had to cross” the street to avoid passing Trump hotel

If Democrats hoped that today’s panel of anti-Trump law professors explaining impeachment to “deplorables” was going to sway public opinion, they may have miscalculated.  Bigly.

Stanford law professor Pam Karlan decided the House impeachment hearings of the president of the United States was a great place to mock the president’s 13-year-old son.

This is the same woman who once bragged about crossing the street to avoid walking on the sidewalk adjacent to the Trump hotel.

I’m not sure Democrats really understand how this plays outside of the left-wing DC/coastal urban/media bubble.


First Lady Melania Trump responded to this unhinged attack on her son:


Karlan has issued an apology.  She “regrets” what she said . . . but Trump!


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1st class bimbo. nothing else to say.

She’d make a perfect Soviet Commissar, or executioner for the NKVD.

What a sick f–k. We can wonder what created monsters like these, but we know: other monsters hijacking our university.

Thanks, Boehner and company!

Another reason to get on the old knees and thank the Lord that you-know-who lost in 2016. This old hag “thespian” (wink) was on you-know-who’s list for USSC seats.

She’s a career natural for haunting houses.

No, I’m not inclined to give this harridan any benefit of the doubt. Does she know the difference, in both spelling and meaning, between Barron and baron?

Lets get Don King the fight promoter to set up a match.

    Observer in reply to pfg. | December 5, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    And there’s no evidence whatsoever that Trump has ever abused his federal office in order to set up his son Barron with multi-million-dollar a year, do-nothing “jobs” for foreign interests that need influence in the U.S. legislative process. But guess which Dim-o-crat did do that? Here’s a hint: Joe Biden, and his crack-and-meth head son Hunter.

    I wonder if this shrew thinks that Joe Biden named his son “Hunter” because he knew sonny would one day be hunting for multi-million-dollar foreign paychecks in exchange for his daddy’s political influence?

    Astroserf in reply to pfg. | December 5, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    She wants to go down in history as the Barren Frump who impeached Donald Trump.

Similar someone could call her barren but that would not make her a barrenness.

Rep Al Green was bitching this morning that there weren’t any people of color on the witness list. I can see his point. They make room for a lesbian retard but couldn’t find a decent black constitutional attorney? These people are nuts.

Karlan’s comment about Barron Trump destroyed the microscopic amount of legitimacy that Nadler’s impeachment inquiry had. Gaetz blasting her for the comment is the single most viral moment of today…and she was one of Nadler’s star witnesses.

Stick a fork in it…it’s done. No wonder Pelosi fled town to get drunk on good Spanish wine.

When I woke up from my nap, I expected to hear a reasoned appreciation for the Constitution from a learned scholar. Instead, I heard a screeching diatribe from a crazy cat-lady. I’m now persuaded to vote for the most lefty dem candidate next fall….wait, no.

She’s a cross between Woody Allen and Trigglypuff.

I am so looking forward to Victor David Hanson’s perspective on this day. I have serious doubt they socialize much in the Stanford faculty club.

SeekingRationalThought | December 4, 2019 at 5:43 pm

What a damaged, yet fundamentally horrible human being Professor Karlan is. We should pity her warped personality and ethics, but she needs to be removed from any position of authority and respect. Won’t happen though because the “progressives” and their academic institutions don’t believe that people like Professor Karlan should be held accountable for their words or actions. I should add that, as a lawyer, I find these professors and their participation (without any factual knowledge) in this farce to be and embarrassment and probably a breach of ethical codes. It certainly represents a breach of common decency and intellectual honesty.

Fiona Hill is breathing a sign of relief after Pamala Karlen takes over her title as arrogant, angry Biotch of the year.

— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) December 4, 2019

Here was Yahoo News’ take on the “law professor” circus:
By 3 to 1, legal scholars call for Trump impeachment at first Judiciary hearing
Well, no sh*t Sherlock!

Her non-apology is as disgusting as the original offense.

I can’t believe she is a functioning attorney, much less a law professor. Attorneys like her come with a warning in my statewide bar association. Sort of a secret code for “wild ass loon, sure to irritate the court”.

She only apologized because she embarrassed herself with a stupid comment to gain some Demoncrat “cred” (or stink). Pathetic!

Apologies that come with a “but” aren’t apologies.

And if she apologized, it’s only out of embarrassment, not contrition.

God, she is one ugly beeech inside and out. My apology to the four legged beeeches they are awesome. My beagle told me so.

2smartforlibs | December 4, 2019 at 6:56 pm

what an evil detritus that women is. Because she was on Clinton’s donor list and CLintons shortlist for SCOTUS she thinks she can attack a kid.

I don’t know if the Leftist even realize how bad this woman made them look today. She came off as an angry partisan screeching harpy.

The contrast between the GOP “witness” answers/comments and the Dem “Witnesses”. Where the GOP gave detailed reason and explanation for each question even though he did not agree with the president. the Dem side spoke from the viewpoint as if Guilt had already been established, which is not even this house’s job.

Tonight on the news, Lester Holt referred to liberal professor Jonathan Turley as “the Republican witness.” Is this being intentionally misleading or are they just that stupid?

If your religion is left wing politics, this is what happens to your soul.

Dear Lord, I look at this woman and wonder, have I sunk to these depths. Forgive me Lord. I forgive this woman as I know that I am no better than she.

“Sorry not sorry” just doesn’t work.

It don’t play well on the coast either, at least for those of us what haven’t stuck our heads in the sand.

Democrats. Even their “apologies” are insulting.

It really is quite funny. Even when an embittered, infantile, self-congratulatory, smug, self-reverential and narcissistic Dhimmi-crat is totally aware that he/she is in the spotlight and should thus assume a posture of contrived affability and contrived civility, the Dhimmi simply cannot help himself/herself.

The mask inevitably slips off, revealing the profoundly ugly visage and character beneath, in all its petty vindictiveness.

liked reading the comments, Prof Turley is about anti-trump as you get, but from what I gather from the comments and some of his comments he kept his biases in check and actually talked about the law unlike the others. they had no justification in bringing up Pres Trumps child in this testimony, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the election next year. if the reps have the money her comments about Barron would make great sound bytes.

Nice to see the inside matches the outside.

As Mortimer Adler once said “…I say we have more to fear from our professors than from Hitler.”

I love this comment at LI:

“Ha, she has a partner Viola Canales who she plays hid the sponge with. They own a large cat ranch near Stanford. Notice the combination of fiction and Law. I wonder if she wrote the script for the hearing.

In 1994, Canales was appointed regional administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration by the Clinton Administration.[6] She is currently a lecturer at Stanford Law School, where she teaches courses that combine law and fiction writing.

Her partner comes from O’Melveny & Myers LLP is a international law firm founded in Los Angeles, California

Pretty sure this won’t play well with suburban moms, soccer moms or most any moms anywhere.
I hope the dems keep attacking Barron (I’ll bet PDJT keeps the young kid happy) for all the votes they’ll lose.

All is fair in love and war.

Make no mistake: we are at war. God help us if these fascists get control od the monopoly of force in our country.

Jackson said something similar about blacks. It must be a lefty thing to label and judge people… persons a la diversity (i.e. color judgment).

lord, her insecurity is breathtaking–and she’s considered a scholar of ” constitutional law ? “–nearly impossible to listen to/tolerate–and couldn’t get laid on a troop train

Paul In Sweden | December 5, 2019 at 6:08 am

Well, I do not really know how things work altogether but as I recall,POTUS Trump has significant land holdings in Scotland. With Trump’s wealth could he purchase a title in that part of the world for one of his sons?

Remember, this leftist shrew who would make a train take a dirt road, and many others like her are teaching our youth. Scary.

The complete lack of morality and common decency demonstrated by Demonrats is truly staggering. I’ve read elsewhere that this shrew held a position in the Ovomit administration and is a big Fauxcahontas campaign donor. Unbiased and non-partisan politics at their finest…

“… Pamela Karlan: ‘I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president’s son. It was wrong of me to do that. I wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he’s done that’s wrong, but I do regret having said that.’ …”

“Sorry, not sorry.” Partisan hack. Another variation on CB Ford.

Another radical lawyer, who believes in misapplying the law to non-facts as a way to “right past wrongs”.

Skipwatson1951 | December 5, 2019 at 9:58 am

I guess the dim-wit-ocrats have forgotten the Hildebeast complaining about her then 13 yo child, Chelsea, being ridiculed and the American people being told to leave the children out of the spotlight. Difference is, Republicans agreed that it was wrong and never again mentioned the kid.

This is one VERY nasty, angry woman. Unhinged only begins to describe her dysfunction as a human being. Pity that poor husband, if there even IS one.

She’s not mocking Barron, just trying to creating a lame zinger against Trump.

The old Barron as the first home-school shooter joke was pretty good, a couple of years ago.

Law Professor? Really? She could use her testimony as an example of how NOT to handle yourself in court!

Sorry. I thought the ‘C’ word would get edited. Preview wasn’t working.

I remember when Saturday Night Live was making fun of Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary flew to New York and read them the riot act, and they quit it. Say whatever else about the Hildebeast, but I stood and cheered when she did that and I still do. So three cheers for Melania Trump.

Phony baloney indignation does not improve our argument. That’s the opposition’s game and they’re good at it. Our game is the truth, so let’s stick with it. Anyone who actually watched her “testimony” should have understood that she was not “mocking” a thirteen year-old.

This academic was trying to be clever, to cap her appearance with a tag line. I remember giving her a point or two for making the pun. Otherwise, she looked like she was fighting off chemical restraints in her zeal to excoriate the President and tell us all why he should be removed.

She failed. What she did was give the First Lady an opportunity to throw the right hook in close, a counter-punch which was delivered with both precision and grace. Boom! One smug, biased, holier-than-thou partisan on the canvas with little birds tweeting and circling around her “x’d-out” eyes and knocked-out noggin.

Within hours FOX was airing the video of her at some conference telling the camera that she felt such revulsion for the President she had to cross the street to avoid walking in front of his hotel. She revealed herself to the world as a vicious partisan as well as a legal scholar.

Dr. Karlan got her 15 minutes of fame alright, but not for the reason she expected. Bad intent rewarded in front of the entire world. Way to go, Doc.

Another extremely low i.q. affirmative action hire. What did you expect?