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Hunter Biden Associates Secured White House Meeting for Elite Group of Chinese Communist Party Members

Hunter Biden Associates Secured White House Meeting for Elite Group of Chinese Communist Party Members

Of course, the meeting helped Hunter and his associates down the line.

The New York Post has emails from Hunter Biden. Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner have emails from Biden associates Bevan Cooney and Devon Archers.

The latest batch dropped by the two men show how they managed to secure a meeting at the White House for the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC).

First, some background.

Cooney and Archer are currently in prison so what do they have to lose by telling the truth? After all, it seems like Biden is the only one who went unscathed:

Cooney is currently in prison serving a sentence for his involvement in a 2016 bond fraud investment scheme.

In 2019, Cooney reached out to Schweizer after becoming familiar with the revelations in his 2018 book Secret Empires. Cooney explained that he believes he was the “fall guy” for the fraud scheme and that Archer and Hunter Biden had avoided responsibility.

Archer, who was also convicted in the case, saw a federal judge vacate his conviction. But an appellate court overturned the lower court judge’s ruling, reinstating Archer’s conviction in the case. Archer, Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, awaits sentencing.

Cooney, their associate who is currently serving a prison sentence on his conviction in the matter, later reestablished contact with Schweizer through investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand. From prison, Cooney provided Schweizer with written authorization, his email account name, and password to his Gmail account to retrieve these emails. He authorized, in writing, the publication of these emails— notable because it is the first time a close associate has publicly confirmed Hunter’s trading on his father’s influence.

This tidbit always gets lost within reports of Hunter Biden: Archer was a roommate of Christopher Heinz, stepson to Kerry, at Yale. Then Archer worked on Kerry’s 2004 presidential election.

From what I can tell only Cooney and Archer corresponded but copied Biden on the emails:

For instance, on November 5, 2011, one of Archer’s business contacts forwarded him an email teasing an opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by helping to arrange White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials. The group was the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the delegation included Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party loyalists, and at least one “respected diplomat” from Beijing. Despite its benign name, CEC has been called “a second foreign ministry” for the People’s Republic of China—a communist government that closely controls most businesses in its country. CEC was established in 2006 by a group of businessmen and Chinese government diplomats.

The CEC includes senior members of the Chinese Communist Party:

  • Wang Zhongyu – President of China Enterprise Confederation, China Entrepreneurs Association
  • Ma Weihua – Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club Chairman of the National fund for Techology [sic] Transfer and Commercialization (NFTTC)
  • Jang Xipei – A representative of the 16th National Congress of the CPC, a director of the China Entrepreneur Club

Mohamed Khashoggi, an intermediary, asked Gary Fears if someone could set up a White House meeting for the CEC, noting one with “John Kerry would be great.”

Khashoggi described the possible meeting as “a soft diplomacy play that could be very effective.” He also enticed the associates by mentioning it could lead to “good access to [the Chinese] for any deal in the future.”

Fears sent the email to Archer on November 5. He pushed Archer to establish a meeting in the White House with CEC.

Archer responded on November 11 with two emails. He removed Hunter from the second email, probably because Hunter was overseas at the time:

In the first, on which Hunter Biden and Bevan Cooney were copied, Archer replied to Fears, confirming that he had met with Kashoggi, that it had gone well, and that it seemed “like there is a lot to do together down the line.” Though Kashoggi did not appear to be “a fit for the current Potash private placement,” Archer anticipated that “he’s a good strategic relationship as the mine develops.” Archer encouraged Fears and Cooney to meet with Kashoggi in Miami. He also explained that Hunter had not been able to call Fears because “Hunter is traveling in the UAE for the week with royalty.”

A minute later, Archer sent a one-line email to Fears and Cooney (omitting Hunter), in which he stated, “Couldn’t confirm this with Hunter on the line, but we got him [presumably, Kashoggi] his meeting at the WH Monday for the Chinese folks.”

Since Fears plainly had no hesitation in trying to discuss the CEC visit with Hunter, it is clear that Archer was not keeping secrets from Hunter. To the contrary, with Hunter overseas and thus more vulnerable to having communications intercepted, Archer evidently was taking pains not to connect Hunter in writing to the arranged visit of the elite Chinese group to the Obama White House, where Hunter’s father, the vice president, would end up meeting with the group. (Note that Archer discussed only mining business, not the White House visit being arranged for Chinese dignitaries, in the email on which Hunter was included.)

The meeting in the White House happened on November 14, but the visitor logs do not have a meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden. But the biography of one CEC member mentions the members met Biden (emphasis mine):

The delegation included approximately thirty members, according to White House visitor logs. But those records also obscure perhaps the most important item for the Chinese delegation: a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden himself.

The visitor logs list Jeff Zients, the deputy director of Obama’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), as the host of the CEC delegation. Obama had tasked Zients with restructuring and ultimately consolidating the various export-import agencies under the Commerce Department—an effort in which the Chinese delegation would have a keen interest.

A trip itinerary posted by the CEC also confirms the delegation met with Obama’s then-recently-confirmed Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

Curiously, the Obama-Biden visitor logs do not mention any meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. But the Vice President’s off-the-books meeting was revealed by one of the core founders of the CEC. In an obscure document listing the CEC members’ biographies, CEC Secretary General Maggie Cheng alleges that she facilitated the CEC delegation meetings in Washington in 2011 and boasts of the Washington establishment figures that CEC met with. The first name she dropped was that of Vice President Joe Biden.

It looks like the meeting helped Hunter and Archer:

The relationships established during that visit may have benefited Hunter Biden and Devon Archer down the road. Two years later, they famously helped to form the Chinese government funded Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) investment fund. One of BHR’s first major portfolio investments was a ride-sharing company like Uber called Didi Dache—now called Didi Chuxing Technology Co. That company is closely connected to Liu Chuanzhi, the chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the founder of Legend Holdings—the parent company of Lenovo, one of the world’s largest computer companies. Liu is a former Chinese Communist Party delegate and was a leader of the 2011 CEC delegation to the White House. His daughter was the President of Didi.

Liu has long been involved in CCP politics, including serving as a representative to the 9th, 10th, and 11th sessions of the National People’s Congress of the PRC and as a representative to the 16th and 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Liu was the Vice Chairman of the 8th and 9th Executive Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), an organization known to be affiliated with the Chinese United Front.

Hunter did not stop pursuing these deals with China as shown by emails from 2017.

Hunter wanted to have “lasting and lucrative” deals with the top Chinese private Energy Company, which would bring in tens of millions for his family.

The company was CEFC China Energy Co. based in Shanghai. Chairman Ye Jianming vanished in 2018 after Chinese authorities took him into custody.

CEFC went bankrupt in early 2020.

Re China Entrepreneurs Club… by Breitbart News


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JackinSilverSpring | October 21, 2020 at 11:13 am

Anything that helped Hunter also Helped Pops (Joe Biden). According to Hunter’s note to his daughter, half of what he got went to Pops. So don’t focus so much Hunter, but focus on Pops who was using Hunter as a conduit for bribe money. At the end of the day Pops did care that his son was descending into crackdom and gross immorality with underage girls. All he cared about was the money. What kind of father does that? Joe Biden turns out to be an evil vile amoral monster.

    JackinSilverSpring in reply to JackinSilverSpring. | October 21, 2020 at 11:14 am

    Correction: Pops didn’t care that his son was descending ….

    ” . . . What kind of father does that? Joe Biden turns out to be an evil vile amoral monster.”

    Considering wife Jill’s encouraging and enabling posture w/r/t all that is Joe and The 2020 Campaign, we probably ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    In the end, if everything knowable in this unfolding drama moves along as a moral universe demands, and if it is even close to being that at all, then “gothic horror” probably just wouldn’t be adequate in detailing and characterizing the sordid, depraved, Gosnellian fright show of facts that the American public might one day come to learn of the Biden Family matter — along with its long, profuse, and widespread, fully corrupting entanglements.

    Or something close, and satisfactory enough to reform much structurally in the US for us to comfortably move on, hopefully all the wiser.

    Again, “evil vile amoral monster” sounds about right to me. Let’s all hope we can learn of, and learn from the terrible truth that supports it.

    We’ll need, it seems, a freer press and tougher souls. Morality requires the proposition, no less the realistic recognition that evil exists; that it’s not a mere myth; and that it will prevail if good people do nothing to understand it, respond appropriately to treat it, and never hesitate to act audaciously but civilly to thwart its community-confirmed reappearance.

JusticeDelivered | October 21, 2020 at 11:19 am

Another charge for Hunter,being an unregistered foreign agent.

Got to wonder if the Clinton Crime Family helped get Hunter Buyden’s laptop in the hands of Mayor Rudy.

Anacleto Mitraglia | October 21, 2020 at 12:46 pm

2 questions: 1:Is that Khasoggi the same one assassinated in the Saudi embassy? 2: Any info on the present whereabouts of Hunter?

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 21, 2020 at 1:10 pm

Joe Biden Insists Son Never Profited Off Family Name; Except Hunter And Ex-President Of Poland Say He Did

Sorry, these piles of e-mails and meetings do little to establish that Joe himself is deep in corruption. So far it’s all Hunter and his buddies trying to sell influence which they may or may not have. Much as one might wish otherwise, Joe isn’t implicated unless these attempts to sell influence were successful. If there’s any evidence of such in here, it’s obscured in irrelevant detail. The dross should be stripped off if it’s going to reveal actual crimes in high places.

Personally, I believe Joe is buried in corruption up to his crooked eyeballs. But suspicion isn’t evidence, let alone proof. Fortunately I don’t think Joe’s sharp enough to have covered his tracks very well, particularly after bragging publicaly about how he extorted Ukraine to protect his son’t “job”.

But we still need evidence directly implicating Joe, not Hunter.

    Milhouse in reply to tom_swift. | October 21, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    That’s not quite true. Yes, Hunter’s corruption doesn’t itsrlf reflect on Joe. Certainly his drugs and sex and whatnot doesn’t reflect on Joe. But Joe has denied meeting Hunter’s contacts, speaking to him about them, or doing anything for them. The emails released so far are strong circumstantial evidence that he did meet both with Burisma and with these Chinese, that he was getting a cut of Hunter’s earnings from these people, and that he was to have a secret 10% share in at least one proposed enterprise. It may not be quite enough to convict him in a criminal trial, but it should be enough to convince anyone outside a court of law.

      randian in reply to Milhouse. | October 22, 2020 at 4:06 am

      Juries are free to use circumstantial evidence as the basis for conviction in criminal trials. I find it unlikely that an honest jury would vote “not guilty” because you don’t need direct evidence of Joe’s involvement. That the other members of the illegal scheme appeared to believe that Joe’s participation was a given should be sufficient to establish Joe’s guilt.